duff XP

  Newuser2533 22:48 24 Aug 2005

I have an illegal copy of XP Pro on my computer.
I have purchased another copy from ebay, yes I know...what a plonker. Is there a way of checking on the product number before I install and make another pratt of myself.
Any help would be appreciated.

  Completealias 22:59 24 Aug 2005

All i could thing of is typing the key into google if it comes up listed on crack sites etc then you've got a duff one again

  User-312386 22:59 24 Aug 2005


If they find that a user has an illegal copy they will help you out big time

  josie mayhem 23:03 24 Aug 2005

I would give microsoft a phone, from my docu the product support no. is (0870)60 10 100, I'm not sure what cost is for this phone, but they should be able to give you answers.

Another way is when you opt to register your xp, do it on your computer and when the window comes up weather to do it over the internet or phone choose phone, this will give you all the details to register it over the phone. If it doesn't regonise the liecence number it will automaticaly put you through to a operater, and if you feel that you've been conned at this point you can put the phone down or you can hang on and speak to the operater and then they will either comfirm registersation of your copy or can advise you of your next step if it is ilegal and you never know they might give you a good deal on the real thing....

If you feel this way and you have a earlier windows version, then you can buy a up-grade copy from some where like pcworld, dabs ect

  ventanas 09:30 25 Aug 2005

All depends on what it says on the disc or sleeve. if its retail then you have no problems, but if OEM (as I suspect) then take josie mayhem's advice and ring Microsoft. I would do this before you install as it will obviously be illegal, but MS are now working with ebay to track down the sellers of these OEM versions. You may be able to give thm some help, and also receive some from MS.

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