Duff PC/Monitor?

  yogibear 20:47 17 Jul 2006

I have been asked to put al old copy of XP Home onto my mates PC. As a shortcut I put the new OS on a spare 30Gb HDD, intending to put it as his new master, with the original HDD as slave.

Now I have a pc that has lost interest! I turn it on and a red light flickers constantly, HDD searching or something I suppose?, and the power button on my monitor does the same.

I have checked all leads and cables, all connections are fine, but nothing seems to change things.

I have a Heinz 57 with 2600 Celeron, 512 Mb RAM, XP Pro, 200 Gb Hitachi Deskstar Master, and a seagate 80Gb as slave.

All I have done is turned it off, disconnected my slave, connected the 30Gb, installed XP Home to it, turned it off and reset my formed config.

Now it don't sodding work!

  Chris147 20:54 17 Jul 2006

The disk-thrashing is the boot portion of BIOS trying to find a boot sector that no longer exists.

Make sure you have the spare 30Gb set as a Master, with the old drive as a Slave AND that you've swapped the IDE cables accordingly.

Insert the XP CD (making sure the BIOS is set to boot from CD 1st) and reboot. You'll need to reinstall XP again (a Repair job MIGHT work, but I'm not certain of this - it takes almost as long in any case).



  yogibear 21:05 17 Jul 2006

Thanks for that Chris, but I'm unable to get anything on my monitor at all, I can't even get into the BIOS.

  yogibear 10:08 18 Jul 2006

Well, not too sure what it was, but the bloody thing has come back to life on its own accord.

Thanks anyway.

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