Duff laptop battery - problem running off mains?

  compumac 21:09 10 Aug 2009

My son has had problems with his Advent laptop in that it continually froze and eventually just would not boot up whatsoever. Local computer shop managed to get it going again by completely reinstalling Vista.
Had problems with it upon return in that it would not always boot up so returned it to computer shop.
Computer shop state that they have switched it on and off 100 times and it functioned every time.
I collected the laptop but continually get either a problem of freezing and with flashing 2” wide vertical lines being displayed, - alternately the blue screen with different messages every time. I switched on and off 12 times and only once has it started correctly.
Question: I know the battery is very suspect, but if the battery was completely duff, - would running off the mains supply only, give any sort of problem?

  woodchip 21:26 10 Aug 2009

How Old the Laptop? as 2” wide vertical lines being displayed, and problems you are getting sounds like a Duff Motherboard and or Graphics chipset

  compumac 21:32 10 Aug 2009

Funny that, I said to my wife that woodchip would be one of the early responders to this.

Computer shop state they have checked all hardware and cannot find any fault whatsoever (???)When I collected it today just before they closed they indicated that I could plug it into their mains and verify what they were saying was correct. At that time I was double parked so time was not avaiable. I am going to return it to them tomorrow.
The laptop is just two years old.

  woodchip 21:47 10 Aug 2009

It may be the reason also that you think the battery is Duff, as if the Motherboards as developed faults there is no way they will be able to find out. If its a Intermittent Fault they are the worst kind to reproduce

  compumac 22:03 10 Aug 2009

It does not seem to be an intermittent thing though. If what the computer repair shop is saying, - it starts up every time, but does not start up when I use it, that cannot be really thought of as being intermittent. It must be me and the way I plug the power lead in.
I note your comment in respect of a faulty motherboard though and that they would not be able to detect this. That does surprise me, as they claim that there are no hardware problems.

  woodchip 22:14 10 Aug 2009

Have you tried the Laptop in different Power Plug as that could also be the problem. You may have a faulty socket

  compumac 22:47 10 Aug 2009

The indicator light shows orange for charging and green when charged as normal. Although the orange light changing to green means nothing in this case because as soon as you remove the power lead a dialogue box comes up advising that the power is nil and advising to connect power supply immediately. I do wonder as to there needs to be some power within the battery even with the mains power being supplied?
The socket supplying the power is OK.
Could you elaborate on the fact that the repairer would not be able to verify a faulty motherboard?

  woodchip 23:00 10 Aug 2009

You do not need the battery to power the Laptop, I have used mine without for years. a

A motherboard is a Complex piece of Electronics. Test Equipment to buy would not be a Viable thing for a small company, cost would be astronomical. So only way is to test is with a new one, this would be more than the Laptop is worth if it's gone. They can only do as we do after trying other things they make a stab at it. A bit like shutting your eyes and sticking a pin in

  woodchip 23:05 10 Aug 2009

how does it go with the Hard Drive Removed from the Laptop, i.e Does it boot okay to BIOS and will it keep Running? if it does this would then tell you most likely its a faulty Hard Drive, but there are only so many test that can be done with a laptop

  woodchip 23:07 10 Aug 2009

After they said it booted up okay, You should have Seen it do it several times.

  compumac 08:37 11 Aug 2009

Yes I should have seen it boot up in the shop several times but then I was in a hurry being double parked. I am in fact taking it back this morning and will boot up in the shop so that we can both see the results together

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