Duel system

  starlet 05:19 20 Feb 2005

I have a query regarding a system that will have two O/S's Win 98se on one HD,Win 2000 on the second HD.
The question is can I install Norton A/V on both H/D's on the same computer leagally,only one hardrive can be used at one time, but both share all the components of the same system.
I have found it allmost impossible to ask Symatec with out paying about £18 for the call they don't make it easy.


  Jeffers22 06:00 20 Feb 2005

If the licence provides for you to install it on "one computer" then you cannot be infringing the licence. However, Norton latest versions have product activation and you will need to separately activate it on each OS.

  starlet 06:33 20 Feb 2005

Is it possible to activate twice? the only difference would be the two O/S's all my details would remain the same.

  Jeffers22 06:41 20 Feb 2005

I've just checked as I remember this coming up before.

A colleague on another forum on which I am a moderator tried to install Norton 2005 onto his HyperOs multi system and was told by Symantec
" Product Activation will not work with any multi-boot systems." See this thread on the HyperOs forum click here

  Jeffers22 06:45 20 Feb 2005

Having said that, the product will work on each OS if Norton will let you activate it twice as you asked above, I guess the only way is to check with Norton - if you can ever get through to them.

The situation I mentioned above is slightly different in that he was trying to activate once and then clone the Norton activated Windows XP to 18 separate partitions.

  starlet 08:37 20 Feb 2005

Thank you again for your help I will try and get in touch with Norton and clarify it.
In your reply you said you are a modertor for HyperOS, Can I ask you for some information regarding HyperOS? If you would like to reply to me please click the yellow envelope

  Newuser38 12:06 20 Feb 2005

I have XP on 3 partitions of 1HD and 98 on another. I have installed NAV and activated no problem on each partition. I guess the difference is that my system is not multi boot, only one in use at once. The only problem is that one has to remember to use each partition frequently on net so as to get upgrades for that partition. My main partition does the regular automatic routine check of the whole machine, takes ages of course. The only reason for having NAV on all partitions is to protect that partition when live. Hope that makes sense.

  starlet 12:28 20 Feb 2005

Thanks Newuser38,
Thats interesting, My setup is a little diferent having two HD's, well I have sent an e-mail off to Symatec for their advice I'll post back when I know some more.


  Quickbeam 12:52 20 Feb 2005

There is another way... My primary partition is installed & updated & activated with all programs that need activating. I then copy the partition using Partition Magic to a new partition. I don't use the first much, so when the second gets screwed up too much I copy the basic activated again to the same space.
I used to use Drive Image but my older vertion won't work on XP so I've done it this way with no probs since.
You should be able to have more partitions but I'm sure someone will confirm the limit for bootable partition on 1 drive.
As far as Microsoft & any other software makers are concerned, it is the same spec computer so there is nothing to get alarmed about!

  Totally-braindead 13:03 20 Feb 2005

I've got my computer set up with XP on the main drive and Win 98SE on the secondary, in order to pick which drive to use I have to go into BIOS and change the boot order, either booting from the 98 drive or the XP drive. I only have a network connection and antivirus on the XP drive as thats the one I use to connect. This may be a bit of a complicated way of deciding which OS to use but it works for me as I only use 98 to play older games anyway. I don't think I could be bothered to have 2 antivirus programs running on 2 seperate drives as theres too much chance of me forgetting to update one or other of the anti virus programs.

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