duel graphcs card

  stourry 10:06 14 Jan 2007

looking to build pc for church but need duel graphics card for standard monitors no dvi monitor. if not can we mount two seperate graphics cards and what would be best m/b for that
thanks in advance

if i have read your post correctly, i'm assuming you need 2 outputs for 2 monitors.. you can get single graphics cards that will do that(has two monitor connections on the back) duel view i think they call it... some are expensive but the cheap ones will probably be ok if not doing extreme graphics.. kind regards akanic

  Totally-braindead 11:19 14 Jan 2007

You don't need 2 graphics cards, as @[email protected]!c has said one graphics card with 2 outputs will do you fine. Heres one just as an example click here but theres hundreds of others. Most have a VGA output and a DVI output but you can get an adaptor to convert the DVI to VGA and then connect to a monitor with VGA input or a projector if you wish.
What you need is a PC with a seperate graphics card. As far as I am aware all PCs with onboard graphics are only capable of running one monitor but you could split the signal and run 2 monitor off that if you wish. It really depends on whether you wish to display the same thing on 2 monitors or have 2 different displays running at the same time.
If you need 2 different displays then you need a PC with a graphics card with 2 outputs and theres lots of them.

The computers with 2 graphics card by the way are called either SLI in the case of NVidia or Crossfire in the case of ATI. They are for gamers to improve the power of the graphics for high end games. You do not need this. These sort of systems are really of use to gamers only.
Depending on what you want to use the computer for many modern PCs are capable of what you want. If you have an old PC lying about then you might be able to utilise that by spending a few quid on a graphics card. It depends on what you want it for.

where did i say that Totally-braindead

Totally-braindead your user name is coming into affect :)

"you can get single graphics cards that will do that"

ta for reading it properly m8 ;)

if you read totally-braindead's advise i think you'll find he was confirming what you said was correct!

anyway stourry totally-braindead has you on the right lines..have a look around to find the best card for what you need(lots of them about)and novatech i will reccomend aswell kind regards akanic


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