duel booting win98 & win xp pro

  logix 12:47 15 Jan 2004

i currently have win 98se on my c:drive,but i want to install win xp pro on my d:drive.
how can i do this without disrupting my win98 partition on c:
also i want to be able to boot from the operating system of my choice.
my d: hard drive was used for saving backup data and program utilities.

  spikeychris 12:58 15 Jan 2004

Throw the XP CD in and install it on your "D" drive. The XP installation will
automatically set up your dual boot menu.

(It installs a couple of files on the root of "C" so if you later decide to
get rid of 98)

You will be offered boot options when you boot up the system.

  stlucia 13:06 15 Jan 2004

... just be aware that, if you've bought an upgrade version of Win XP, it will at some time during loading ask you if you want to install it as an upgrade or a new installation (I think those are the terms it uses). Select new installation, and it will do just what spikeychris says.

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