Duel Boot XP '98

  Dark Knight 21:27 29 Aug 2006

Hi There,

I have recently replaced my PCs HD. The old HD had win 98 on. (IDE harddrives 20GB & 80GB) the new one has XP on. Ideally I would like to have the option at boot up to choose which OS to load. Is it too late to do effectively? I have read several articles on duel booting but I don't feel they give me enough detail or instruction to be confident enough to do anything.

Anyone any suggestion or advice on how to proceed - links to websites etc?

  howard63 21:39 29 Aug 2006

there are various free bootloaders out there just type into google. When I dual booted I had 98 set up on the pc and then put the xp cd in and it installed on another partition and then automatically gave the boot options.

  Dark Knight 22:16 30 Aug 2006

As I said I have XP on one HD (that I am currently running with) but have Win 98 on a second which is sitting there redundant. I know (well at least think) that I can do it. What I would like/need are some directions or suggestions how to go about duel booting. i.e. does the second HD have to be the XP or '98? which has to be the slave? What boot loaders/managers do people recommend. Basically anything from good websites with descriptions to software recommendations would be ace.

This is primarily a toy/plaything - everything I need is backed up so if it goes wrong so be it. (in essence this is the precursor to building my new system

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