Duel boot advise

  jiggy b 09:48 23 Mar 2004

Hi there ,

I am looking to partition my hardrive , and have a duel boot system. One for making music etc and one for internet email etc. I have a 30 gb hhd. what I want to know is, on a duel boot system if you want to update software over the internet do you have to dial up and update seperetly from each partition, for instance windows updates or anti virus updates. Also how do you pass files from one partition to the other. Obviously I'm not completley ofay with duel booting any illumination would be much appreiciated.

  temp003 10:00 23 Mar 2004

What operating system(s) are you going to use?

  jiggy b 10:04 23 Mar 2004

I am going to use xp pro on both partitions. Sorry I thought I put that in my original post.
(not awake yet)

  JerryJay 10:09 23 Mar 2004

Yes, you have to upgrade separate because two systems are different.

You can creat a data partition for two system to share data.

As for windows and avg update, do not use auto update, download files to your hdd and update from there, in this case you do not need to download file twice.

By the way, you can get "broadband" a couple of pounds more than Anytime DialUp if your area can get Broadband.

  temp003 10:12 23 Mar 2004

You can either create a third partition for sharing data as suggested, or if both partitions use the same file system (preferably NTFS), you can see the other partition from either copy of XP - this is assuming you use XP's native dual boot.

After installing first copy of XP, just install 2nd copy to the 2nd partition, and it will be done for you.

  jiggy b 10:12 23 Mar 2004

thanks , how do I create a data partition. I was going to use xp to partition the drive ( I believe xp can do this) will it also be able to creat a data partition?

  temp003 10:17 23 Mar 2004

A data partition is just another partition where you choose to put data in.

Yes, XP Setup can create the partitions for you.

With only 30GB to play with, and XP pro is pretty large, you should think carefully before deciding how large each partition should be.

During XP Setup, when asked where to install XP, delete the existing partitions, then create new partition(s) as needed (1GB=1024MB).

  jiggy b 10:18 23 Mar 2004

I kind of wanted the drives to be completely seperate,my thinking is if I have one drive for internet etc then if it get some kind of infection my 'creative' drive should still be ok. I belive to have seperate drives I should use FAT32. Could I still have a data partition avaialable to both systems this way ?

  temp003 10:38 23 Mar 2004

As JerryJay said, when you have a dual boot, each OS is independent from each other.

Most viruses and spyware work by infecting the OS it's on, and usually by putting an entry into the registry of the running OS to set the virus to work. The other OS is normally safe. This is not to say it is impossible for the other OS to be infected, but this doesn't really happen that often. This consideration should not deter you from using XP's native dual boot.

But if really you don't want one OS to see the partition in which the other OS is on, you can use another type of dual boot.

You set up 2 primary partitions. Each partition is set as active. Each has its own copy of XP and its boot files. Then you use a boot manager to select which active partition to boot from when the computer starts. With this setup, the other copy of XP is invisible. You can still have a 3rd partition (either another primary partition or a logical drive within an extended partition) where you store your data, and this partition is visible to both copies of XP.

For this type of setup, you can use Partitition Magic and Bootmagic that comes with it. Bootmagic I believe has to be installed on a FAT partition but check.

Or you can try OSL2000 click here (which can be installed on FAT or NTFS partition).

If at all possible, I recommend XP's own native dual boot, if only because it's free and simple.

  jiggy b 10:42 23 Mar 2004

Thanks for all your help, now have a better understanding. will be proceeding shortly with xp's native.

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