duel boot

  blurdevil 12:27 17 May 2003

After reading all the duel boot tread...i still get myself blur...
can anyone tell me the ways to start a duel boot..

E-mail to me...[email protected]

actually what i really need is how to start doing duel boot and my hdd should be in NTFS or FAT32 to support WinXP Pro and Windows 98....

Now i am using NTFS ..
if windows 98 couldn't support NTFS how can i change to FAT32..??

thankz for reading and solving this problem for me...

  woodchip 12:57 17 May 2003

To get back to fat32 you will have to FDISK your Drive, then after you have formatted the partition you create load win98 then load winXP it will setup Dual boot for you. You just will in the blanks as it asks you questions

  woodchip 12:58 17 May 2003

PS you will have to create a Partition for XP

  woodchip 13:06 17 May 2003
  blurdevil 15:18 17 May 2003

I have to hdd - 40G and 20G
40G i got three part
20G i got three part
da 40G - C: for windows XP !!!

izzit enough ??

  woodchip 16:52 17 May 2003

You just need 3to 4 Gb that's not a partition it as to be free space. not used at all for Linux, and Linux will set it's own Partition up

  woodchip 16:56 17 May 2003

Sorry getting mixed up with another thread. I do not know how much space XP needs but it should have it's own partition of I would think about the same as for Linux 3 to 4 Gb

  blurdevil 17:21 17 May 2003

seriously...i am very blur.....
one of my partition is totally blank ...
so i juz put my windows 98 CD and juzt install izzit ??

  woodchip 17:26 17 May 2003

If you have XP on your computer Win98 will not install to other than Drive C:\ you have to have Win98 on first then load Win98 There is a way to do the reverse way but it's complex Flecc is the Man to show you how

  woodchip 17:27 17 May 2003

Win98 on first then load WinXP

  powerless 19:52 17 May 2003

Would you mind if you formated your hard drive(s)? (this would make life so much easier).

Do you want to have both operating systems on the same drive or would you like one on each drive?

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