Dubious Pseudonyms

  -pops- 08:30 08 Mar 2003

I'm no prude but I've noticed recently an increasing number of nom-de-plumes consisting puns or slight modifications of words and phrases that can only be considered less than acceptable in polite society.

This forum is supposed to be a family show so, folks, think about what you choose as a nickname and those who already have one of those names, think about changing it - you know who you are!


  g0slp 08:44 08 Mar 2003

I concur 100%

  Rtus 09:14 08 Mar 2003

agree with that pops.......Think FE will deal with the subject shortly ..

  VoG™ 09:23 08 Mar 2003


  Wes Tam ;-) 09:59 08 Mar 2003

Mine, like the Phoenix, will one day rise again.


  -pops- 13:00 08 Mar 2003

Moving to front page.

  Goldcroft 13:47 08 Mar 2003

Agree Brian. There are also a lot of daft ones with complex strange symbols over/under letters that are completely impossible to reply to by name.

  graham 13:58 08 Mar 2003

The problem with the complex ones (mine included) is that they do not display on some systems, eg the 'tick' after 'graham' becomes a box. If they are displayed correctly you can copy and paste them.

-pops- yes, I think most people will agree, perhaps the FE could have a quiet email with the culprits and stop their chocolates.

  Goldcroft 14:06 08 Mar 2003

I was not thinking about yours Graham, rather straightforward. But what about (and I do my best to put them in some language you can understand) Fatboy, Crash and A Nickname. The prize goes to the member who posted Praise of Pipex ADSL Server on 22/2 and there's an even stupider one which I cannot find. What are they trying to prove?

  -pops- 14:10 08 Mar 2003

I think a lot of them originate whilst under the influence of mind bending substances (legal or otherwise). That is the reason that a number of them make their premiere appearance late on a Friday or Saturday night.

When thought up, they may seem hilarious but, considered in a more sober light they are silly, rude and sometimes insulting.


  tenor 14:26 08 Mar 2003


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