Dubious Email from Barclays bank

  Southernboy 19:36 25 Jun 2005

Got one yesterday looking very official, warning me about phishing and telling me to click on a link. However, I have never had an account with Barclays, so it looks like a sophisticated scam. Anyone else had one?

  Night Ryder 19:38 25 Jun 2005

This is a well known scam. Don't open just delete it

  Magik ®© 19:39 25 Jun 2005

might be better to ask who has not had one.


  Southernboy 19:44 25 Jun 2005

I did open it, but did not click on the link. Hopefully, I'm OK

  originalmiscellany 19:48 25 Jun 2005

but you have to think why would the bank email you if you don't bank with them? I've received the same email from about 5 different banks, and have clicked on teh links; as long as you don't type anything in then everything will be fine.

  Night Ryder 19:52 25 Jun 2005

Thing to remeber. No bank will ever contact you this way.

  Southernboy 20:11 25 Jun 2005

If you read an Email and then delete it, it automatically opens the next one. Normally I look at the list of Emails first and delete anything suspicious. I was in a hurry that day and went through them.

A reminder to be more careful!

  Night Ryder 01:10 26 Jun 2005

To stop this hapning install a pop up blocker

  GRFT 08:03 26 Jun 2005

It isn't just an AOL problem. I received one lately from a bank I've never used. It was so obviously a phishing attempt and was deleted immediately.

  Stuartli 11:02 26 Jun 2005

There are literally dozens of them - just Delete and ignore.

Same for the wonderful job opportunity you've been selected to take up at a staggering salary for which, of course, you have to provide your bank details in order to pay it in...:-)

Amazingly there are the odd individuals who actually believe this stuff and nonsense.

  Himself 11:24 26 Jun 2005

There are numerous examples of phishing e-mails here that are worth looking at to familiarise yourself with how to spot these pests. Each e-mail is accompanied by a detailed analysis.

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