Dual TFT Screens ?

  Killo Bite 10:04 21 Nov 2007

My PCI Express Graphics card has x2 DVI on it, now I understand this will make it possible to use another TFT screen on the other DVI Port. But how or what else is needed to enable me to view two different screens one of each on the screens.

Wording another way, I want to run 2 TFT screens both using DVI and I already have a Graphics card with x2 DVI's on it. I wish to view 2 different programmes one on each screen as its a pain opening one then closing and opening another screen. I prefer to keep one open one each screen.

Thanks if anyone can advise.

  bobbybowls 10:28 21 Nov 2007

look at the settings for your graphics card. it will give you options for how you want to set up multiple monitors.mine are set so that i have background programs ie email and pc adviser etc on the left and what i am working on in front of me.

  anskyber 10:34 21 Nov 2007

I use two monitors, follow the instructions on this click here in your case of course its two Dvi rather than 1 and make sure you also select one of the screens as you main monitor.

Once done the programs will open on the main and you can slide whichever you want over to the other. (provided it is not maximised at the time, you can max it over on the second screen.) If you close the PC with that set up the boot up will open the programs in the correct screen.

  Killo Bite 14:51 21 Nov 2007

Thanks for your call!

Also the link, My Main TFT is 1a & Second is called 1b the second TFT is 15" & my main screen is a 19" both now with picture on screen. I use a Nvidia 7900GT Not in SLi configuration.

I have managed to get the picture on the smaller 1b 15" but its out of sync as its trying to show the 19" screen view in a 15" screen.

Second problem is how do I put a sceen of one programme onto the 15" and run my 19" normal with another screen windows open.

Will read the Microsoft link and see if I can work it out, but possibly I might get stuck. So will be back later to see for more help please.

  bobbybowls 18:37 21 Nov 2007

go into the display settings and select either 1 or 2. change the resolution to match the size of that screen, then select other screen and set display for that screen.
to display window on second screen click on bar at the top of the window and drag onto second screen.

  Killo Bite 00:11 22 Nov 2007

I just downloaded and installed the latest Nvidia driver which gave me the option of choosing screens.

I now have a bit more access to change things, currently my Main TFT shows Desktop picture as always my usuall Aircraft pic but my smalled TFT shows it with the tail and front nose pic cut off, change of res which isn't much from 60hz - 68hz 1024x768 on my smaller screen.

I don't seem to be able to open a programme I want and get it to display on the smaller screen. Infact its not showing at all on it, I have options like clone screen.

Would i be right that I need to play with the Span options ?

  Killo Bite 20:14 02 Dec 2007

I tried and got two screen working and found moving my main screen over to my smaller screen a pain.

I their anyway I run a programme on one screen without it running on my main screen as I monitor something which moves 24/7

In the end I give up and will wait till I can get a matching 19" screen as a 15" just makes it more difficult.

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