"DUAL" Sky & Ntl Broadband

  Greengage 07:52 20 Dec 2006

I am currently on Ntl. Sky is now available in my area and so the temptation to switch at no cost and saving my Ntl subscription is very appealing. However, I am more than happy with Ntl but do not know what might be in store with Sky. In that I believe that I do not need to get a MAC number in switching from cable, I am thinking that I can "sign up" for Sky (OK, paying the £40 fee), try it and if I like it then keep it and cancel Ntl. If I do not like it for whatever reason, I can then switch back to Ntl (having continued to pay the Ntl sub meanwhile). Have I read the situation correctly and is all this feasible?

  Greengage 09:24 21 Dec 2006

Anyone please?

  JayDay 09:28 21 Dec 2006

I can't see that there would be any problems. With Sky you will need an ADSL modem or router. Not sure if both could be connected together. You could disconnect your cable modem and just connect to Sky with your ADSL modem. If things don't work out disconnect your ADSL modem and reconnect your cable modem. Hope this makes sense?

  Stuartli 09:35 21 Dec 2006

Assuming that Greengage is also on an Ntl phone service, you should note that cable and ADSL broadband are two different things.

Cable companies don't provide a MAC.

If I'm reading the situation correctly, Greengage would need to arrange to disconnect from Ntl and, if not already available, have a BT phone line installed.

  Stuartli 09:38 21 Dec 2006

..or have both an Ntl and BT phone service, which would seem somewhat pointless, especially as a new phone number is likely to be required with BT.

  Greengage 09:48 21 Dec 2006

Many thanks for your views. I should have said that I have BT for telephone.

  JayDay 10:56 21 Dec 2006

As you have a BT Line and NTL cable installed in your house you will be able to use both services. You will just have to switch over modems depending on what service you wish to use.

I think you need to try and combine your services with one company to try and save some money. Broadband with NTL, phone with BT can't be the cheapest solution.

  Greengage 16:12 21 Dec 2006

Thanks again.I am angling for a deal with Ntl for broadband & telephone but have been waiting for Sky Broadband to become available in my area to give me some negotiating power. I hope I am correct in saying that I do not have to have a BT line to continue with Sky - I have been with them for about 12 years and hence have no minimum contract or obligation to keep the BT line attached.

  Stuartli 18:45 21 Dec 2006

You will need a BT line to obtain Sky BB - it is planning to install its own LLU equipment eventually. See:

click here

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