Dual screens,any good

  iqs 18:25 01 Apr 2008

Hi,I have a 19" LCD,DVI to DVI.I have just obtained a 17" LCD which will be conected to the second port on the graphics card via DVI to VGA.

Questions,what are the advantages of dual display,will having two different size displays make a difference?.Cheers

  anskyber 19:15 01 Apr 2008

I use two screens.

I have them set up so there is a principle screen and a secondary screen as opposed to having one page spread over two screens, if that makes sense.

The advantages for me are I leave my email and sidebar ( I use Vista) on one screen so I can view them all the time whilst my main screen is whatever I want.

Usefully in this arrangement if you take an unmaxed window it can simply slide it over to the other screen if you wish to have it available whilst viewing another window say in full screen mode. In other words good for multi tasking or the convenience of one window not overlapping another.

The size difference will not matter all you need to do is set up the correct resolutions for each monitor.

  anskyber 19:17 01 Apr 2008

Setting them up can vary. XP has a function to do it click here but many video cards will also do it from there set up menus, you will have to experiment.

  anskyber 19:18 01 Apr 2008
  2bathred 19:18 01 Apr 2008

I use two as well. anskyber sums it beautifully.this is how I have mine set up.

  iqs 17:24 02 Apr 2008

Hello,and many thanks for your help.I was unable to set up the dual display,there is a fault with the second monitor,see link
click here

When I obtain another monitor,your advice will come in handy.Once again many thanks,Cheers,IQS

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