Dual running Outlook Express and Windows Mail

  Simon Sudbury 12:34 30 Nov 2010


Have been running dual boot Vista and XP for about a month (Vista preinstalled). Few teething probs but everything working fine now.

I would like to run Outlook Express in XP so that I could more or less use XP for everything then. Can I do this even though I’m running Windows Mail with Vista?

Just not sure how to set up OE and whether there would be any system conflicts etc.

Many thanks for your time.

  Sea Urchin 12:48 30 Nov 2010

When you are booted into XP you should find that Outlook Express is already included on your list of All Programs.

Set it up with the same settings as on Windows Mail (assuming you are using the same email account) and you should have no problem.

  Simon Sudbury 13:56 30 Nov 2010

Many thanks

Would have the same e-mail address etc. Do I literally just copy the pop/whatever they are settings from Vista?

Is there a way of importing contacts from Windows Mail to OE?



  Sea Urchin 15:52 30 Nov 2010

As you will probably appreciate it's much more usual to be transferring FROM Outlook Express TO Windows Mail.

However, it is possible to reverse the process.

Open Windows Mail - click on your Contacts folder to display your addresses, click File menu and then Export. Select Comma Separated Values (.CSV) and browse to Desktop (for ease of access later) and give the Contacts file a name - click Save then Next. Remove all the ticks apart from Name and email address (and any others you might want) then click Finish. You now have your Contacts saved on the desktop as an Excel file.

Now open Outlook Express - click the File menu and then Import - and select Other Address Book. Highlight Text File (Comma Separated Values) and click on the Import button. Browse to the file you have saved on the desktop, and select Open. Click Next, and again remove all the ticks as before - then click Finish. All done.

If you want to transfer your messages let me know - it is somewhat easier to do.

  Sea Urchin 16:06 30 Nov 2010

In answer to your first question yes you just copy the same account settings into Outlook Express.

  Simon Sudbury 16:16 30 Nov 2010

Many thanks again.This is very helpful.

Just to be clear I was opening to replicate the Vista entries in OE so to speak so I could use both as and when needed. Ironically Windows Mail is about the only bit of Vista that functions well for me!!

At the moment I'm probably using Vista 70% of the time as I have Office 07 on there but am loading some newer progs on XP where they work effortlessly.

Not sure if this is doable

  Simon Sudbury 16:18 30 Nov 2010

Sorry-should have said "hoping to replicate"...

  Sea Urchin 16:24 30 Nov 2010

Yes, you can use Outlook Express when you are in XP and Windows Mail when you are in Vista. If you want the same messages to appear on both then you'll need to check the settings to Leave a copy of messages on server. Best to set it for a limited number of days.

  Simon Sudbury 16:33 30 Nov 2010

You have been very helpul and I promise this will be the last question!

I use Sky as my IP and I had to tweak the settings in My Sky to allow the messages to be passported from my Sky mailbox to Windows Mail.
Will I have to do something similar in addition to the tweaks mentioned to make this happen?

Many thanks for you advice and patience.


  Sea Urchin 17:20 30 Nov 2010

I haven't used Sky - but I would think you may have to do so.

This link should help I hope

click here

  Simon Sudbury 08:38 01 Dec 2010

Many thanks for your help again.

Much appreciated

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