dual pIII processors

  JonnyBagg 15:41 28 Aug 2003

Hi all heres my setup
dual pIII's 1gb
epox ex-d3va motherboard
512 mb sdram
nivdia geforce mx440
400w power surply

system worked fine with 1 pIII installed another with same specs and steppings after playing a game for about an hour game crash's with no error message both pIII's have good fans and heatsinks please help as i tryed epox and nivdia with no help from them?

  JonnyBagg 21:52 28 Aug 2003

no do i need to change that?

  JonnyBagg 23:52 28 Aug 2003

checked that im running win xp pro and checked it device manager computer and it said ACPI MULTIPROCESSOR is that correct?

  Paranoid Android 08:31 29 Aug 2003

Could this be a power supply or power regulation problem ? Dual processors need a very stable supply. Which PSU do you have, is it approved for use in servers ?


  JonnyBagg 10:57 30 Aug 2003

no error message when i play a game after about an hour my screen hangs and i have to reboot im using a 400w power surply

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