Dual Operating Systems

  Wayneh 16:37 22 Feb 2004

Hi I have a few OLD games and have got a 3.2gb drive and a copy of win95 on cdrom.
How do I go about installing win95 on my new hard drive and setting up a dual boot system?
It would probably help you to know that I am currently running winxp pro


  musicman19 16:46 22 Feb 2004

To dual boot Win9x and WinXP the 9x OS has to be installed 1st followed by XP.
I don't think there is any way round this though I could be wrong.

  Wayneh 17:04 22 Feb 2004

Is this right? is there any way round this? can I install 95 onto my second hard drive and then install xp over the top of the existing one which will update it?

  musicman19 04:01 19 May 2004

If you have 2 separate hard disks try looking for a removeable hard drive caddy.
you could then choose which OS to run by fitting the appropriate drive.
you could do this simply by installing the drives normally but a caddy makes it so much easier.
Maplins might be a good place to start your search.

  temp003 08:10 19 May 2004

Another way to try is use a boot manager such as OSL2000 (free).

Disconnect XP hdd first. Connect 3.2GB hdd, set as master. Install 95 on to it. Don't install programs yet.

After installing 95, turn off computer. Reconnect XP hdd, set as master. Set 95 hdd as slave.

Boot up computer. It will go into XP. Download OSL2000 from click here unzip the download and read carefully the ReadMe.htm file - make sure there's nothing on your computer which is incompatible with this program.

Then double click the setup.exe file. When asked whether to create uninstall disk, say yes and get a clean floppy to create the disk. After installation finishes, nothing seems to happen, but next time you restart computer, it will show you the partitions on your computer. Select the 95 partition to boot from, and you will be able to boot into 95 (select C and you can boot into XP).

If the dual booting works, install programs you want on 95.

  TomJerry 08:15 19 May 2004

Partition Magic mamange disk partition and preparation and Bootmagic (come with Partition Magic) manage loading up. You can get it from Amazon for £20 click here

I have tried many software, nothing come close to Partition Magic for the ease of use.

Search dual boot or multi boot on this forum, you will find a lot of mention of PM+BM and a few people also wrote good step by step instruction as well.

  TomJerry 08:18 19 May 2004

with PM+BM, you do not need old HDD. Not much point to use it as it is small, but add extra heat and noise. Just creat a partition in you big hdd and install any fancy OS on it.

By the way, you may be able to run old games on XP is you run them on Win95/Win98 compitable mode.

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