Dual operating

  gcha 18:36 17 Jun 2004

I have a computer with XP Home pre-loasded, so no disc. I want to use Win98SE to run some legacy programs without changing my present HD. I plan to install a second HD and use this for the Win 98SE OS. What problems need I be aware of? - do I need any special software to accomplish this?

  TomJerry 18:53 17 Jun 2004

Easy way, get Partition Magic (with boot magic) and it will be a child play to set up dual or multi-boot. You do not even need 2nd HDD. It really a magic program. You can get it "new" 2nd hand from Amazon for £22

Hard way: You can also do it by editing boot sector etc, you need an expert to guide you for this. Not recommended.

Both above ways are just "soft" way because only need software.

Hardware way: get two HDD removeable house (you can get t from Mapline under £20), so you can upplug and plug either HDD easily.

  johnsims 19:06 17 Jun 2004

For a really flexible set up you could use HyperOS. It is a system multiplier that lets you run multiple copies of any widows OS (and linux if you want) on the one Hard Disk. Say 3 XP systems and a Win98 and Win2k and NT. Have a look at their site click here. It comes with partition magic thrown in.
Multi boot as per TomJerry suggestion is fine, but in my opinion limiting as you cannot see the other system when you multi boot. Under HyperOs all systems are visible and you can have a single data partition for all OS's.

  TomJerry 19:20 17 Jun 2004

It maybe a good thing one OS cannot see another OS, so less chance of cross cruption. Hyper OS is great, but Hyper price as well.

  gcha 19:28 18 Jun 2004

Thanks for your response. I was hoping that installing WIN98 on a seperate HDD would be simple. I don't want to change the settings on the present HDD and it is not large enough to create a separate partition which in any case would involve installing WIN98 and then XP - not possible without an XP disc which I don't have. Any other suggestions?

  TomJerry 03:39 19 Jun 2004

with or without 2nd HDD

  gcha 18:48 05 Jul 2004

I have tried without success to source Partition Magic 8 in SA. Someone will have it I'm sure - just have to keep looking

  johnsims 19:03 05 Jul 2004


Hyperos may be a bit expensive, but I've been running it since May 2002 on my main PC and have not had a single windows crash that was not down to my own stupidity. Even then, I had my system up and running again as if nothing had happened in under 5 minutes thanks to the clone backup system. Not had to re-install an OS for over 2 years, that makes it a bargain in my view - used to regularly reinstall every 6 months on average. New HyperOS One Click at £59 is good alternative but is only for XP and Win 2K, 98 not supported.

  TomJerry 23:57 05 Jul 2004

If you still need it.

  Migwell 00:04 06 Jul 2004

I use removable drives. One has Win XP Pro on it and all the other progs on it that I need and the other has Win 98 on it and all the progs on it I use with 98.

Simple matter to swap drives, take out the Win 98 and put in Win XP Pro, or the other way around.

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