dual monitors on HD7750

  JeremyBloomfield 18:04 10 Apr 2014

Hi all. We have a new PC with a Powercolor HD7750 card. The ports are: VGA, DVI-D and HDMI

The display was hooked up to VGA - all fine. We have tried to connect a second identical display to the DVI-D port using a DVI > VGA converter but the second display is not recognised.

Can anybody help us out?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:17 10 Apr 2014

You will need to set up dual display for 2 screens in your graphics card settings menu.

  JeremyBloomfield 22:00 10 Apr 2014

It doesn't recognise the second display

  BRYNIT 09:06 11 Apr 2014

If you have the latest drivers and all cables have been checked it will be a case of seeing what is at fault.

  1. Check that both Monitors work on the VGA connection to see if they work.

  2. Connect one monitor only using the VGA/DVI adaptor to the DVI do you get a picture when booting? try other monitor as well. If no picture fault could be with the adaptor or Video card. Try adaptor on another computer if possible.

  JeremyBloomfield 10:29 11 Apr 2014

Yes, second monitor is fine, powered up (and works on the VGA)

Identical monitors have VGA only input. Card has VGA, HDMI and DVI-D. However, reading the spec on the converter (which is in odd translated Chinese) it sounds as if I can't get an analogue signal from it??

The converter I am attempting to use is here:

click here

  JeremyBloomfield 10:41 11 Apr 2014

In fact it sounds as if DVI-D has no analogue signal at all...

  BRYNIT 10:55 11 Apr 2014

Sound like the converter is not compatible this will tell you the difference between the connections. CLICK HERE

The one I have used is a DVI-A to VGA but I think you could also use a DVI-I single or dual link.

  lotvic 11:14 11 Apr 2014

Is this the Powercolour HD7750 card you have? ClickHere

If so then there seems to be some mixup over the connections you have, it says in the the specs:

Standard Display Connecors: DL-DVI-I/ HDMI/ DisplayPort

VGA Output: Via Adapter

DVI Output: Dual Link DVI-I x1

  JeremyBloomfield 18:44 11 Apr 2014

Verified - DVI-D has NO analogue signal. DVI-I has digital + analogue. That's why there is nothing for the converter to convert...

@lotvic - the Powercolor website is pretty poor. Our card has VGA, DVI-D and HDMI

  JeremyBloomfield 18:46 11 Apr 2014

So - If we want the second monitor- can somebody point me in the direction of a site which shows equivalents of display cards between the various manufacturers?

  lotvic 23:34 11 Apr 2014

Just google for: compare graphics cards

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