Dual monitors on the G-Foarce Ti4600...

  King Diamond 15:57 24 Jan 2003

Can I connect a FTF monitor to the DVI socket on the back of the ti4600 as well as a standard monitor, at the same time?

Thank you.

Anyone know were a cheap 15" FTF monitor can be purchased...preferably under £250.

  duplo 16:12 24 Jan 2003

I dont know much anout this althoug I had the same Idea. I think each desktop may need to run at the same resolution... althoug I cant vouch for that.

Theoretically it is possible.

Cheap mons available click here for under £250 althoug I am not sure on how good the quality will be as they will be basic.

The cheapest is 156 plus VAT. Spend closer to 200 and you will get a much better mon from the likes of CTX/Samsung....

  AndySD 16:21 24 Jan 2003

Windows 2000 is the only one with problems with this. With XP and 98 I have had no problems at all running two monitors at different resolutions and colour depths at all.

  powerless 16:25 24 Jan 2003

You can connect to different monitors to the card at the sametime. However to do this you need to Video outputs...

My card had one DVI and one VGA output, so i can connect two moniotrs at the sametime.

Lokk on the back of you card to see what you have, refer to the grapic card manual for further reading...

Some TFT's dont have a DVI input to save cost, so check to see if the TFT has a DVI input.

  powerless 16:26 24 Jan 2003

to = two

  rickf 20:00 24 Jan 2003

For £297 you can get a 17" TFT at PCW. Its a Proview and its good. Only D-Sub connections though. Staples two, an AOC and a Cybercom at £298, both 17". Check them out.I we3nt for the Proview because I orefer the asthetics of it.

  rickf 20:01 24 Jan 2003

orefer=prefer. Sorry!

  rickf 20:02 24 Jan 2003

S...T, wrong thread.

  rickf 20:03 24 Jan 2003

Sorry, very confused today! Right thread after all . Having a bad hair day>

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