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  sharkfin 22:16 27 Sep 2005


I've just upgraded my monitor from a 19"CRT to a 17"TFT. The TFT work perfectly. At the moment the CRT is sitting in the middle of my room and its huge! lol. Was reading a magazine today about dual monitor setup and i'm thinking of utilising my CRT rather than letting it go to waste but was just wondering as it runs differently from a TFT would there be any problems? I think the graphics card will have to display different resolutions and refresh rates for each one and take the strain when playing games, so i'm not sure. The graphics card is a new 6600GT AGP so I dont want to wreck it.

Does anyone here use dual setup and how has it benefitted you? Can I use the TFT for work and study whilst the CRT being my second monitor be used purely for games?


  woodchip 22:45 27 Sep 2005

Your graphics card as to support dual monitors, or you will have to fit a PCI graphics card at the side of the other one

  anskyber 23:11 27 Sep 2005

Yes is the answer. By right clicking on desktop choose properties, advanced and display. There you will be able to select which is your primary monitor for icons etc as well as choosing the appropriate refresh rate and resolution for each screen. I find it really useful for running several applications and usually set the second screen to have my e-mail and messenger showing whilst using the primary for normal use. You will need to check the box which extends the work area to the second screen. It is then very easy to drag windows from one screen to the other, very handy.

  sharkfin 00:29 28 Sep 2005

Hi thankyou for replying.

My Graphics card has 2 DVI outputs on it so I guess that it does support Dual display but I have lost the manual for it. I've just connected both monitors and everything works fine.

The only thing that worries me is that the graphics card will work twice as hard. Would it be better to have identical monitors so that way the Graphics card wont have to run the monitors differently?

  anskyber 10:55 28 Sep 2005

Not seriously because the screen you are working on is the only real user of the card in any significant way

  sharkfin 18:51 28 Sep 2005

Thankyou. Using two screens has definately made things easier, I dont have to switch between multiple browsers any more and it looks very slick, lol. Also it seems that it going to benefit my studies as I can have word open on one screen and web IE on the other, great for research!

  Frosty120 22:37 26 Apr 2006

Word and IE is a great combination for a dual display when writting essays, I use that myself sometimes!
Beware of the Word and IM combination though! I find that less productive! ;-)

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