Dual Monitor?

  zincy 00:00 02 Jul 2005

Hello there

I recently purchased a TFT monitor, and wondered what to do with my old one. I was thinking of having dual monitor (e.g. one with a game running and the other with the desktop. The graphics card i got is nvidia geforce 5200 256mb. If i use an analogue input and the 2nd monitor using a dvi input will this work with this graphics card? will it come under dual view? or is that something different?

many thnaks

  Stuartli 00:16 02 Jul 2005

Windows should/will recognise that you are using two monitors when you right click on the Desktop>Properties - nVidia applications also cater for dual monitor use.

Some advice:

click here

click here

Or even something on these lines:

click here

  LastChip 00:18 02 Jul 2005

Dual monitors are not used to run different applications on each monitor. They are used to provide a larger Desktop, where the whole of your workspace is shared over the two monitors. Accounts departments using large spreadsheets, find this particularly appealing.

In Windows at least, you would have to run each application in a separate Window (as you do now).

Linux is slightly different, in as much as you can have multiple virtual Desktops, and run different applications on each Desktop, but still not on different monitors.

  LastChip 00:25 02 Jul 2005

It appears from Stuartli's link, you can run different applications. I never knew that! (and never seen it!)

  AndySD 00:52 02 Jul 2005

Yep Its fine to run it that way and the NVIDIA desktop wizard (part of the standard drivers) will give you a lot of options with duel monitors.

  De Marcus 00:55 02 Jul 2005

I often have PCA on one and the work spreadsheet on another.

  zincy 01:46 02 Jul 2005

thank you all for your reply
The links has really helped, and made me think do i really need two monitor running at once, but i think the good old fashion alt tab between game and desktop will do me just fine ! ^^

thanks for the help

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