Dual Layer DVD-R

  Gary 21:37 27 May 2004

I want to purchase a DVD recorder and note that dual layer drives have now been release. However, although it sounds ridiculous, I can't find anywhere that sells dual layer discs!! Does anyone know where I can get them from?



  Lardy FB 21:53 27 May 2004

try click here if they dont have them ???????????

  Bowsprit 22:16 27 May 2004

Big Pockets are selling the Sony DRU700 but they don't have dual layer disks in stock which seems strange.

  pharte 22:18 27 May 2004

try this fella for what he calls "the best" discs available. click here

  DILLIG4F 21:59 08 Mar 2005

The only sight which I found DVD9 - Dual Layer Discs(and bought from) - brand is 'traxdata' - is click here (even ebuyer don't sell them)and they are very reasonably priced (I buy a lot of other things from them). Also if you have the right software to copy with, ie de-encryption patch they do work on standard domestic DVD Player and mine is an old model (I have just tested one).
Hope this helps,

  The Sack 22:24 08 Mar 2005

Dual layer -R discs are not out yet.

  007robbo 09:28 06 Apr 2005

Try Ebay, I have seen dual layer discs on there but as to wether they are + or - ?

  TomJerry 10:26 06 Apr 2005

you cannot find discs yet, however, you can find
many dual layer DVD+R discs in many many places, two more places for you click here, click here

  The Sack 12:25 06 Apr 2005

You dont want DVD-R DL discs anyway as they have the book type DVD-RDL which is highly imcompatible by all acounts (one reason why they aint out yet) At least DVD+R DL get bit set (even on NEC drives) to DVD-ROM.

  Gary Wood 15:30 07 Apr 2005

Before -R DL became available I bought an LG GSA-4163 drive, which writes +/-R and +R DL.

To be honest, though, I haven't used DL discs yet because they're so expensive by comparison with single layers.

Another problem is that there are no RW DL discs available, so if you're recording video you can't test it first, which could result in costly mistakes.

I'm sticking with single layer for now, will use DL on my existing drive when discs get cheaper and await the arival of BluRay! :-)



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