Dual-layer DVD disc on TV DVD player?

  billy 07:52 02 Jul 2004

I am thinking of getting a PC DVD recorder to put some VHS tapes onto DVD and play on my TV using a standard DVD player. If I got a dual layer DVD recorder and put teh VHS tapes onto the full 8.4G would it play? If not and I only record onto one layer would it play?

  Peter 11:21 06 Jul 2004


I don't know the answer to this question, but hopefully someone else will.

Anyone else with a view to post?


  Irishman 12:11 06 Jul 2004

click here

do a lot of the more unusual types of DVD player, why not contact them direct.

  ventanas 12:19 06 Jul 2004

Or, click here

Find your player and check what it supports.

  georgemac 12:30 06 Jul 2004

dual layer dvd's should play on standalone dvd recorders without any problems, but use the link supplied by ventanas to be sure.

However are you aware that you will need some sort of capture card in your pc to connect your vhs recorder to get the video data into your PC, then some sort of video editing software to convert it to dvd, and a very large hard drive?

I have never done it, had a capture card once but found the quality too poor - it's now in the loft somewhere!

I think you would have to capture files in avi format and then convert them to mpeg2 unless the capture software now does this for you.

I too am going to be transfering vhs tapes to dvd, but intend to buy a stand alone dvd recorder for this which I will connect the video too with a scart lead, then use the recorder to replace my vhs video.

  Graham ® 12:43 06 Jul 2004

VHS to DVD is a popular subject. It's a little tricky keeping sound and picture in sync. Put VHS in the search box.

  billy 21:26 07 Jul 2004

Thanks for the comments, and Ventanas your link is really useful.

Georgemac - I've got some software to do the conversions. If I capture do you know how much disc space say 1 hour of VHS takes up? Also, I have Windows ME is there any problem with using that if the file is very large (I heard Win ME cannot handle files greater than 2G?)

  ventanas 21:46 07 Jul 2004

I believe what you hear is correct - 2Gb limit.
If you need to handle larger files than that you will probably have to move up to XP and convert your drive to NTFS, which is quick and painless.

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