Dual-layer DVD

  xania 21:06 05 Oct 2006

I'm just about to move into Dual-layer. Are there any special considerations when purchasing storage media, or can I continue to make use of my existing Packard Bell DVD+RW.

  Totally-braindead 21:53 05 Oct 2006

Not entirely sure what you mean.

In order to use dual layer DVDs you need 3 things, firstly you need a DVD writer that will burn dual layer DVDs, then you actually need to have dual layer disks and lastly you need to use a burning program that supports dual layer disks.

I hope that answers your question.

  it_girl 22:01 05 Oct 2006

Why do you want to move into Dual.
Last week-end someone asked me about dual layer discs.What they wanted to do was backup!! a full DVD film and they thought that that was the only way to do it.
They were pleasently surprised when I told them that if they purchases software like AnyDVD/CloneDVD2 then it will remove all the extras and compress the film onto a standard dvd.
Is this what you are aiming for?

  eedcam 22:34 05 Oct 2006

You dont even need to buy those as dvd shrink is free and will do the same job. However if you have a dvd or any other footage and you want to maintain the original quality you might need to go the dual layer way

  it_girl 22:41 05 Oct 2006

eedcam you must have very good eyes to see any difference in visual quality.
And if he want to be a torrent boy then all software is free!

  eedcam 23:18 05 Oct 2006

Not familiar with the term torrent boy it_girl but the person asked what was needed.Which surely should warrant a positive response.As was given by Totally Braindead. Every one does'nt only Back up Movies.As for good eyesight I think most people would notice a drop in quality if the material was highly compressed.If you recall before dual layer some movies were spread over 2 discs

  it_girl 09:17 06 Oct 2006

eedcam I think that you will find that Totally-braindead and I were the positive ones!We were trying to read xania's mind set and save him money.
However,you appear to be very experienced in this field?
I surprised you did'nt understand the expression 'torrent boy'.

  De Marcus™ 09:32 06 Oct 2006

You can continue to use your DVD-RW packard bell media as dual layer drives will write to standard capacity disks as well as dual layer.

Essentially theres no difference between a dvd writer and a dual layer dvd writer, except you'd have the capacity to also write to dual layer disks as well.

  xania 09:42 06 Oct 2006

Perhaps it would help if I explained my plan. I do a lot of work with Video - both downloaded and from my video camera. All this is stored on an 80Gb partition on my hard drive.

I want to back this up and am trying to cut down on the number of discs I use - also I want lightscribe - so was planning on getting something like the LG GSA-H10L (see November PC Advisor). Also, although some of this output will be permanent, other will be merely backup. So this route seems the easiest way to keep all my options open.

Many thanks for all of you who have eresponded to date. I think I have enough to go on. I already have a full version of Nero, so burning is not (I think) a problem, but I was not sure whether I needed dual layer disks - I though the technology worked differently - and when I wrote my initial post, hadn't yet been able to find dual-layer being sold. However, I have now found some click here so that clears up that point.

  Stuartli 10:17 06 Oct 2006

I'm awaiting the latest Sony dual layer (plus everything else) DVD rewriter which, at only £20.93, is likely to prove even better than the LG GSA-H10L as it has an 18x DVD-RW +/- write speed:

click here

It's being collected at Scan for me by one of the offspring.

The outgoing TDK CyClone (24x) write CD rewriter, still going strong after nearly five years, had an original list price of £189.

How times change..:-)

  xania 12:19 06 Oct 2006

Thanks Stuartli. Nice, but it lacks lightscribe. I must admit, though, that, although a couple of magazines, including this one, tate the LG GSA-H10L very highly, I still have not been able to find one in UK. Anyone had any luck?

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