Dual-DDR 2100 MoBos; Cases

  Rick Silva 12:08 03 Mar 2003

Hello everyone,

I'll be buying/building a new PC soon, and I should be most grateful to get feedback from those of you who already tried the "new" MoBos with the Intel E7205 chipset (Aopen AX4R Plus, Asus P4G8X, Gigabyte GA-8INXP, and/or others).

I would like as well to know if:

1) "Dual-DDR PC2100" means some new kind of DDR Dimms, or just the "normal" PC2100 DDR Dimms running at twice the speed due to the characteristics of the chipset;

2)Is dual-channel PC2100 (DDR266) better/noticeably faster than "normal" PC2700 (DDR333)? (since I think the E7205 doesn't accept DDR333, at least for the time being);

as well as any advice about which standard, not expensive cases can I be sure that will take those MoBos without having to mod the case (drilling, etc).

Thanking you in advance,

Hope to know from you,


  two00lbwaster 12:56 03 Mar 2003

duel ddr performance is where the bandwith between the cpu and memory is effectivly doubled by giving each stick of memory is own memory bus of 64bits instead of sharing the same 64bit memory interface so duel ddr motherboards have effectively a 128bit bus (2x64bit bus) and normal motherboards have just the plain 64bit interface

the new pentium 4 boards with the granite bay duel ddr interface have had mixed reveiws with some saying that there is very little performance improvement unlike the nforce/nforce2 series of boards which have very definate benifits with the amd cpu's

further reading at
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  Rick Silva 14:28 04 Mar 2003


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