Dual Core v Single Core question

  Sic 13:28 18 Jun 2007

I currently have an Intel 6300 processor (which is 1.86 ghz dual core chip). I also have in a box somewhere an Intel Celeron D 3.2 ghz chip, when running a single application, what woul dteh preformance difference between these two chips be? Real world i mean, so anti virus switched on etc.

  J B 14:15 18 Jun 2007

I don't know if this will help but have a look anyway click here J.B.

  Quiet Life 14:27 18 Jun 2007

The E6300 core2 duo 1.86ghz processor is a very different animal from the celeron D3.2ghz which is a low cost product. The E6300 has a 2mb level 2cache as against 512kb and a frontside bus of 1066mhz as against 533mhz. Celerons tend to be very slow and I would say the E6300 would win easily on any performance comparison

  Si_L 14:45 18 Jun 2007

What does the cache and frontside bus mean?

  Quiet Life 15:32 18 Jun 2007

The level 2 cache is fast memory attached to the processor where information can be stored and acts as a buffer to speed information to the CPU. The more the better. The frontside bus is the speed at which the processor communicates with the chip set on the motherboard which feeds information into the processor. The faster the better. The actual clock speed of the processor is only one aspect in a very complicated process. The instructions built in to a Pentium processor are much more advanced than the Celeron and this also makes them carry out processing more quickly.

  Sic 16:27 18 Jun 2007

Cheers for that, it goes into what i was really asking. It was really checking whether i would swap the chips round for better game performance as thats really th eonly CPU intensive opeation i undertake.

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