Dual Core Temperature Monitor

  Aaron-188486 12:33 17 Jan 2008


I'm running a Vista Premium Home Dual Core Acer Aspire L100 and I'd like to monitor the temperature of the CPU and Hard drive. I've tried HDDLife but that advises me I have no S.M.A.R.T. so it can't monitor, whatever that is! Can anyone recommend a good program that can do this?

Thanks in advance.

  SANTOS7 12:50 17 Jan 2008

click here

i use this, it may help...

  Aaron-188486 12:55 17 Jan 2008


Hi Santos7,

I've heard about this one. But there were some concerns over it's workings as it's not open source so hasn't been updated for a number of years.

Are you using yours on a vista machine?

  SANTOS7 12:57 17 Jan 2008

NO XP home, but i compare values with other sources and they are similar....

  SANTOS7 12:58 17 Jan 2008

click here

found this it might serve you better...

  howard64 12:58 17 Jan 2008

if you go to the intel site you can download TAT which shows the temperature of each core.

  SANTOS7 13:00 17 Jan 2008

click here

forgot about this...

  Aaron-188486 13:05 17 Jan 2008

Both excellent suggestions, I'll give em a try. Howard64 would TAT work on my AMD chips?

  DrScott 18:40 17 Jan 2008

one to use is CoreTemp: click here

It actually gives the temp as measured by the CPU rather than the motherboard, not unlike TAT. It's used by a good number of the overclocking community for its accuracy.

  Aaron-188486 19:37 17 Jan 2008

Thanks guys, downloaded Core Temp, exactly what I was after!

  Stuartli 14:39 18 Jan 2008

Just for interest, AMD version updated today:

click here

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