Dual core question

  VNAM75 12:30 23 Jan 2007

Trying to decide between a single core 2ghz AMD turion or dual core intel (2x1.6ghz) for a laptop. If only one application is being run would the dual core processor have 1 or 2 cores working on it?

  Batch 14:04 23 Jan 2007

AFAIK normally 1, unless the application itself is multi-threaded - some newer PC software may have been developed with this in mind.

  VNAM75 14:30 23 Jan 2007

hmm, so the amd might be better then since I don't usually have multi apps running at one time?

  Woolwell 14:48 23 Jan 2007

Need to know what you want to use the laptop for and what the other specs are. Personally I would go dual core.

  VNAM75 15:07 23 Jan 2007

Everything really - internet, games, office 2003.. Other specs are built in 128mb graphics, 512mb ram, 60gb hd.

  skeletal 17:58 23 Jan 2007

The dual core processors are very quick even when using one core, and have other advantages as well (like lower power consumption).

Also, very useful when you have more than one app open at a time. I recently ran a spy ware check at the same time as using Word. And I typically have up to 20 instances/apps open at the same time. The only slow down is when several things try to access the hard drive together; other than that you don’t notice. Doing this on my old single core made Word really slow.


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