Dual Core Proccessing

  Solva 11:26 12 Jun 2007

Hi guys I was looking for some objective advice on Dual Core proccessing. Specifically AMD. For exactly what exactly is the advantage of DUAL core over standard Processing and why. Im kind of struggling to comprehend why a Dual Core processor has that has a speed of 1.6 gb Is better than a single processor of 2.2 gb

  howard64 12:24 12 Jun 2007

I have recently built an Intel c2d e6300 with both cores at 1.8GHz I used to have an AMD 4200. When running a single process it is like having a pc from 2 or 3 years ago, a bit slow. When software is available that takes advantage of dual cores it will be much quicker. Where the present setup scores is when I have 2 things running at the same time. Instead of the cpu giving a bit of op time to each process in turn, most noticable by jerkiness of pictures etc., now both processes keep running without interuption one on each core. Hope this helps.

  Solva 14:43 12 Jun 2007

So apart from multitasking would you say your better off running a system with a single cpu @ 2.2 GB or a dual core one at 1.6 GB

  skidzy 14:52 12 Jun 2007

Definately Dual Core.

You would be future proof also,well as best as future proof is !

  skidzy 15:14 12 Jun 2007

Relatively little multithreaded software is used on standard office and home computers, so the purchase of a high-end dual core processor is rarely justified. Having said that, mainstream users can benefit from dual core technology. If several applications are active at the same time and certain tasks are stalled, then a dual core chip is worth having. For example, a hard disk defragmenter may be running in the background, leaving insufficient resources for a foreground application like a presentation. Similar effects can occur when antivirus or anti-spyware scans are active in the background. In these circumstances, a dual core chip can be very helpful even on a standard office PC.

Also if you like to tinker with Photo's and video's you will again achieve best results using dual core.

I currently am using the E6300 dual core with Vista and 2 Gb of ram,and it flies along.This meets my requirements easily.

For example,i recently burnt a dvd/had AVG scanning/surfing the net/ and going backwards and forwards to a document i was writing all at the same time.This caused no problems what so ever.Now my old P4 xp system with a gig of ram would never have coped.

Hope this shines some light on this for you.

  Solva 15:36 12 Jun 2007

Thanks that was helpful. One last thing though how apparent would the improvement in perofrmance be with only 1gb of ram though?

  skidzy 16:02 12 Jun 2007

If xp a Gig of ram is normally fine,but if Vista premium or above certainly go for at least 2 gig of ram.

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