dual core or quad core?

  squashman 00:39 15 May 2007

Hi, I'm planning to buy a new desktop, and so far mesh seems to be the best deal. Tempted by he quad core for future-proofing, but as I don't do much gaming, not sure if the extra expense is worthwhile. Any thoughts?

  Belatucadrus 01:12 15 May 2007

I abandoned so called future-proofing about seven years ago, technology moves so fast that paying a premium for cutting edge, usually puts you ahead of the pack for a couple of months at best.
Gaming is usually the driving force for high spec PCs, so if you aren't doing that, 3D CAD or really heavy duty number crunching then the only real reason to buy top spec is because you want to. Other than that I'd decide what I wanted to do, check out the system requirements online, add the lot together,plus about 20% buy a machine that'll handle this and enjoy it. Keeping the money leftover for something else.

  skidzy 06:56 15 May 2007

I agree with Belatucadrus.
I recently bought a new system with the dual core E6300,however i do tinker with a few videos and photo's and having that extra power is very handy.

If your main requirements are general surfing,video editing,occasional games and works documents extra....i doubt you will need Quad core.

Just a word of caution,do your your research on Mesh first.Obviously we mainly only hear about the problems and im sure there are many happy customers also.

Take a look at Dell/PC World/Novatech etc for further options.

  webb204 07:20 15 May 2007

i have an evesham pc with the 6400 dual core processor ,it handles everything i can throw at it,however,if your gonna run vista i strongly recommend 2 gig of memory,it runs a whole lot better !

  Belatucadrus 11:21 15 May 2007

Remembering when adding up the system requirements to include Windows and all security software that'll be running live. They all want their share of what's available.

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