Dual Core or 2 x 7800GT ?

  FreddyNoFriends 00:38 21 Oct 2005

I'm about to purchase a high end gaming system and I've narrowed it down to a choice of either a PCNextDay Zoostorm 5-7401 AMD 4000+ Gaming PC which has two 7800GT cards click here or I can go for a a Mesh Matrix Titan Dual X2 Plus (with an upgrade to a single 7800GT card) click here

I want to be playing the latest games in a year from now - so do I go for the twin graphics cards with the single core chip, or should I get the dual core SLI AMD 4200+ Mesh with the single 7800GT ?

There's very little difference in the prices of the systems, and not much difference in the way of specifications other than those described.

Any advice gratefully accepted...

  Skills 01:23 21 Oct 2005

At present I believe that if you are a gamer your better off going for a high end single core chip, but as developers begin to write there games to support dual cores this will change.

The mesh has 2gig of RAM which will stand you in good stead and its still an SLI motherboard so you can add another GPU when you ready.Remember thou that it has to be exactly the same card same BIOS.

Out of the 2 myself I think id go for the mesh offering. Given that they are both about the same money, the mesh will give you a longer life I think. eg a bit more future proofed

3yr warrenty as well which is handy.

  Dan the Doctus 01:51 21 Oct 2005

Both machines are mouth watering, but I think I'd go for the Zoostorm simply because it is the fastest of the two. To play games a dual core processor is unnecessary and will be for some time. Graphics cards are the main thing and the system specs ensure that it won't need upgrading for a year (maybe!).

  FreddyNoFriends 02:17 21 Oct 2005

I have to say I'm really tempted to go for the Mesh as it looks like Dual Core is the future and most new games will be written for it. And I'd feel a lot happier about having to simply slot in a second graphics card than have to install a new processor - which I've never tried - which would probably be more expensive anyway.

The only thing thats putting me off the Mesh is their customer service - or alleged lack of it. I read in a couple of forums - not just in PCA - that Mesh has really bad customer support (3 out of 10 roughly) whereas Zoostorm rate very highly (about 8 or 9 out of ten).

And how often do Nvidia update their graphic card BIOS anyway? If they did change the chipset before I got around to buying a second card in about 6 months or so, is there any way to make the old and new cards compatable?

Or would it be possible to order one with the same (by then older) BIOS as the existing card? Anyone know?

  Dan the Doctus 03:02 21 Oct 2005

The main advantage of having a dual core processor is if you want to run multiple applications simultaneously. If you are only interested in running one (ie, a game) then there is little point in having one as it won't give any greater performance.

I'm not sure about updating graphic card BIOS - I only know about updating the drivers so I'll leave it for someone else to explain. Mind you, if you're planning on upgrading in 6 months time then you'll probably be wanting the latest graphics cards and not worrying about upgrading BIOS anyway.

I've also heard horror stories about Mesh support but know nothing about Zoostorm so, again, I'll leave it for someone else.

  Dan the Doctus 03:16 21 Oct 2005

Just to add, in 6 months you'll probably be able to buy a second identical card (which will have the same BIOS) at a much cheaper price.

  Dan the Doctus 03:26 21 Oct 2005

Just found this click here

*goes to bed*

  FreddyNoFriends 18:56 21 Oct 2005

Just been checking out that site Dan - very informative - ta.
Got to do some more reading on this - thanks for the advice chaps.

  citadel 21:58 21 Oct 2005

I think they are working on motherboards that will enable both cards to work at 16x in sli.

  FreddyNoFriends 22:37 21 Oct 2005

Well, I just bought the Mesh system.
Thanks for the advice everyone.
I just hope I'm not back in here in a month moaning about Mesh customer support...!

  007al 22:46 21 Oct 2005

you wont need the exact same graphics card when you want to add one later...nvidia have just released 81.85 drivers which allow mixing different vendors cards! so we can now mix and match.sounds great to me.i tried the beta version with two different 6600gt`s,but they were a bit buggy.its all ironed out now tho.

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