jbp1982 16:33 17 Nov 2005

does it matter?

I was running 2 512mb sticks in dual channel ram I got PCW to install another 2 512 sticks, they put in two different sticks, one was a pny stick and the other budget stuff.

It no longer runs in dual channel 128bit instead single 64 bit.

will I notice the difference?

  jbp1982 18:29 17 Nov 2005


  jbp1982 18:31 17 Nov 2005

seems to be fast with the 2gig awkwell.

It'll do.

  Skills 18:33 17 Nov 2005

If your doing really memory intensive things then I guess it might make a difference but im not to sure if it would only be the type of thing to show up in benchmarking or not.

Did you get charged for 2 pny sticks? Did you ask PCW to fit a matched pair or tell them you where using dual channel? If so id would be thinking about going back to PCW and complaining about the budget stick they have put in there.

  jbp1982 18:40 17 Nov 2005

looked at the receipt I was charged £49.99 for the pny stick and £39.99 for the other. The guy did tell me that it was a 2 diff sticks but said it would run dual channel.

Now I know it doesn't I just want to know if it makes much difference. I can always get another stick of pny and swap the budget stuff into another machine.

I am using video alot and it slows the computer down, thought I'd give it a boost so that I can run applications like internet whilst doing it.

  Skills 18:54 17 Nov 2005

On paper dual channel memory should give you twice the avaiable bandwith so thats quite a difference. Of course actual performance is going to depend on your complete system but if you do do alot of video editing then you will probably see a benefit in using dual channel.

  GaT7 19:02 17 Nov 2005

"The guy did tell me that it was a 2 diff sticks but said it would run dual channel." - as it doesn't, he has been mistaken.

Since there's only £10 in it, I'd go for the other PNY stick as well.

I've got 2x256mb sticks of one manufacturer & 2x256mb of another & they run in dual-channel. G

  ACOLYTE 19:37 17 Nov 2005

It may be that anything over 1.5 gig reverts back to single channel,i know it does on my mobo,might be the same on yours,mine can take up to 3 gig but after 1.5 it goes to single channel.
Try taking a stick out and see what happens.

  jbp1982 20:26 17 Nov 2005

This is a compaq presario 1639. It has an MSI Amethyst M socket 939 mobo/athlon 64 3700+.

  ACOLYTE 22:37 17 Nov 2005


  jbp1982 22:53 17 Nov 2005

I'll try that tomorrow or something, I need a bigger desk so I'll have an excuse to disconnect everything.

thanks for the info.

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