dual channel memory

  Elwell 14:29 27 Feb 2006

I have a Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro2 motherboard and want to increase memory. At present the setup is Dual Channel activated with one 512Mb double sided module in channel A and the same in channel B. I 'phoned Crucial and they said I couldn't add any more memory ie I would have to take out what I've got. However the manual appears to show that I can add another DS 512MB module in channel A (although I find understanding these manuals difficult!)If anyone could help - especially if they can say with confidence I am right with the manual- I would appreciate it.

  Fingees 17:21 27 Feb 2006

Although you phoned crucial you could out of curiousity use there website to check your computer on line.

click here

  Eric10 17:30 27 Feb 2006

I've just downloaded the manual and it seems quite clear but since I don't actually have this motherboard, I don't have hands-on experience of it.

According to the manual:
Channel A = Dimm 1 and Dimm 2
Channel B = Dimm 3 and Dimm 4

With your current double-sided dimms in Dimm 1 and Dimm 3 you can add another double-sided dimm in Dimm 2 and still keep dual channel operation. There are other possible combinations but this seems the easiest one.

  ulrich 17:37 27 Feb 2006

Crucial generally know what they are talking about, and if they sell you something that is not right, they will sort that out very quickly and no moaning.

  Das Boot 17:40 27 Feb 2006

Hi just looked on Crucial and you can ad two more 512MB sticks

  fitcher 18:33 27 Feb 2006

probably you could but the dual memory may not work.but it would still make an increase in computer speed ,,i have the same board and i use two matched memory sticks of 512 from crucial ..working as double channel A dim 1 and channel B dim3 ,,before that i had three sticks of 252.but replaced them

  Elwell 18:47 27 Feb 2006

Thanks all.

I have tried the Crucial website and its happy to sell me more memory but it doesn't know what I've already got. The problem seems to be linked to the single/double sided issue. My small brain couldn't cope with the explanation crucial gave me but I have agut feeling they were wrong and the manual is right. I'll try phoning them again.

Thanks to all

  User-312386 19:16 27 Feb 2006

Just downloaded your MOBO manual

It states for 4 Sticks of ram in dual Channel mode

Dimm 1 Can be double sided or single sided

Dimm 2 Can be double sided or single sided

Dimm 3 Can Only have Single sided

Dimm 4 Can Only have Single sided

  Elwell 23:55 01 Mar 2006

Well, I bit the bullet and bought from Crucial what I thought the manual indicated was ok....and it was! Thanks everyone for your help.

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