Dual Channel DDR266???

  Gaz W 02:33 26 Jun 2003

The motherboard that the memory is for is an Iwill DPL500 Dual Xeon P4. Some information is here: click here

The information on the manufacturer's site is here: click here

What I don't understand is, it says the motherboard "supports dual channel DDR266 memory modules" and to quote the manufacturer "Dual DDR266 memory channels provide up to 4.3 GB/s of memory bandwidth".

Does this mean I just get 2 normal 512MB PC2100 DDR memory sticks at £50 each to make 1GB? I believe it has to be installed in pairs - is this because 2 x 266MHz = 532 - round up to 533MHz system bus? Or is it a different type of DDR? I've seen dual channel DDR for sale but this is PC3200.

Can anyone tell me, from the information provided by the manufacturer, exactly what type of memory it is that is supposed to go with this motherboard, as I am extremely confused!

Any help appreciated.

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