Dual Channel DDR

  Robhart 14:16 07 Feb 2004

Does anyone know where I can Get Dual Channel DDR? Is this different DIMM sticks to ordinary DDR? Crucial were no help

  Jester2K 14:17 07 Feb 2004

You need a Dual Channel DDR motherboard.

The sticks are the same as normal but you need two identical sticks to make it work.

  Rayuk 14:24 07 Feb 2004

Use the Crucial website type in your motherboard and it will tell you which is compatible

  Robhart 14:49 07 Feb 2004

Thank Jester2K and Rayuk for your replies. I still have a problem though. According to Crucial there is no difference between ordinary DDR and Dual DDR as Jester2K suggested, but according to Gigabyte, there is! Who do you believe?

  Rayuk 14:54 07 Feb 2004

Only thing to remember is where ever possible use 2 exact sticks of ram to be on the safe side.

You can buy twin packs of ram {Corsair/Kingston etc]which have been tested and guaranteed to work in dual channel mode.

  Mysticnas 15:30 07 Feb 2004

I have a Gigabyte motherboard and no-where does it mention anything about Dual DDR being a different thing to DDR. There is no DUAL DDR.

DUAL DDR is the terminology for the way in which 2 DDR sticks work in serial mode. Just like RD ram in a way.

Gigabyte say that DUAL DDR is faster than normal DDR. What they mean by that is that when you use your RAM in Dual DDR it's faster than if you use in non Dual mode. the only thing you need for Dual DDR to work is your motherboard to support 2 memory channels (Dual DDR) and at least 2 sticks of identical DDR RAM.

A channel is the same as the number of banks. For instance, i have the GA-SINXP1394 motherboard which supports Dual DDR. Now for Dual DDR to function it needs 2 memory channes, and at least 1 memory bank per channel, into which the DDR RAM slots in it, mine has 2 banks to each channel; this means i can slot in 4 sticks of memory in total. My board supports upto 4gb so i can use if i wanted 4x1gb sticks, but i chose to have 4x 512mb sticks giving me a total of 2gb running in Dual DDR mode (64bit).

Of course you can go out and buy OCZ, Corsair etc so called special Dual DDR, but if you read carefully you'll see they say it's just 2 DDR modules that have been tested to work in DDR mode. However what this is really saying is that their RAM works, which it should do anyway! Please don't be fooled by all this marketing malarky! go to crucial!

So here endeth the lesson... there is no such thing as Dual DDR RAM modules.

  Robhart 15:44 07 Feb 2004

Thanks a lot, Mysticnas. I'll take your adviceThanks again to Jester2K and Rayuk

  fitcher 17:19 07 Feb 2004

I have got memory sticks from crucial .I can not get them to work on dual channel .gig board. Yet
they work fine in another board I have,, but not on my new dual channel board .(they are identical sticks. and recomended by crucial for my board ).yet I can get my board running on a single cheap memory 266 only.. I bought that from a local shop . Looking on the gig site I see the dual memory recomended by them.. and I was thinking the same as the questionare. now I have to take my computer into my local shop so they can find a memory stick that will work in my machine ..dual memory boards is a no no no for me ,,

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