Dual booting

  dfb70uk 11:46 20 Apr 2014

Because of XP's demise, have now installed Windows 7. I am now thinking of Dual booting with XP to run the programs Win7 does not like, using Easy BCD. I have a clean partition for this and the progs. 3 other partitions have the files but in no particular ie a mix of what win 7 and XP can read, is this OK. Which is installed first EasyBCD then XP or what? How does defraging work with dual booting? Any other problems anybody can think of or advice welcomed. Regards Dave PS Windows 7 and it's progs are on yet another partition Is it worth buying Easy BCD or just using the free one?

  beeuuem 12:01 20 Apr 2014

The easy way is to install XP first as then the dual boot is set up by Windows 7!! I have a dual boot with separate partitions for personal files ( documents,letters, and the like), Pictures , Music etc. These can be accessed from whichever OS I boot to. W7 only has the programmes it uses installed on that partition. It doesn't matter which you install first. Once you have installed XP, run EasyBCD and you can set the boot window. I use an 'old' free version of EasyBCD which works perfectly.

This guide may help click here

  Ian in Northampton 12:20 20 Apr 2014

Before you go to all that faff (I dual-booted too, for the same reasons): are you sure you have any XP programs that W7 doesn't like? I may just be lucky, but it turned out everything I ever ran on XP runs fine on W7 (even Money 97...)

  bumpkin 14:01 20 Apr 2014

"Any other problems anybody can think of or advice welcomed."

One little snag is you may find that when you boot XP it will delete any restore points that you have set in Win7. If you do find that happens you need to edit the XP registry as a workaround.

  dfb70uk 17:47 20 Apr 2014

Thanks everybody thats a great help. I have further confused / enlightened myself with several Youtube tutorials. Best advice is to try progs out first on Win 7 especially as my wife is keen to back in action for her Music club News letters Regards Dave

  john bunyan 18:06 20 Apr 2014

I tried dual booting for a couple of months. Soon got rid of XP for the reasons mentioned by Ian in Northampton and bumpkin above. You may have to look at hardware drivers for scanners, printers etc.

  dfb70uk 11:38 22 Apr 2014

Thanks Ian it was in the back of my to try but you energised me to do it.yes old Office 2000 works fine so will not bother with dual booting. Dave

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