Dual Booting

  The Brigadier 08:51 06 Oct 2007

I know i can dual-boot with Microsofy O/S.
But can i dual boot XP with Linux & if so how?

  mgmcc 09:08 06 Oct 2007

Normally the Linux installation CD will create the necessary partitions for Linux and provide the Boot Manager (Grub or Lilo) to provide the menu from which you select the OS to load.

Defrag your hard drive first and ensure you have enough free space to accommodate the Linux partitions. Then just run the Linux CD.

  martjc 10:28 06 Oct 2007

...you will have two hard disks in your pc; one for Windows and another for Linux, though you could use separate partitions on the one disk.

As mgmcc says, the Linux install cd should do the boot loader for you automatically and set partitions for Linux's OS and swap file.

Good luck!

  Snec 10:39 06 Oct 2007

Obviously you don't read MicroMart. MicroMart loves Linux! Actually MicroMart covers a wider range of computer interests for computer hobbyists than any other mag, it's not always talking about new, new, new, although 'new' is covered too.

Yes it can be done quite easily and I did it once just out of interest.

I don't use Linux any longer though. On these PCA forums you always find people comparing prices for things, which shows what? Everyone wants value for money or just simply cheapest?

Linux is free, that's cheap. If it was anywhere as good as MS everyone would be using it. Actually it's not that good at all.

  The Brigadier 10:46 06 Oct 2007

I subscribe to micromart, just never ger the time to read through it all!

  Snec 11:16 06 Oct 2007

You say: "I subscribe to micromart, just never ger(sic) the time to read through it all"!

Aha, It is a big read, I know.

However, if you have not already put'em in the Charity Box, now's the time to look up a few back copies methinks :O)

Taking your latest post into account, I don't think Linux will be for you. Linux and dual booting requires quite a lot of reading/understanding/close attention.

I can't imagine that most people here, who will know what you're after, will take the time either.

  martjc 11:54 07 Oct 2007

...There are many different distributions. Without really wanting to cause a [comparison thread], may I recommend Ubuntu Linux.

I have tried others but this is the only one that works properly for me!

click here

And it's FREE! Get a download or they will send you the disks through the mail [though this does take several weeks]. Hey! Why not do both?

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