Dual Boot - XP and Vista

  Bob Bob™ 17:32 04 Sep 2008

I fear I may have done something I shouldnt have.

I have a laptop with two hard disks.
I just found out Im in a rush so Ill get this done quick

HDD 1 has Vista
HDD 2 has all my data

I wanted to have Xp so I partitioned HDD1 and installed XP so now

HDD1 has C:Vista and E:XP
HDD2 has all my data.

I am now unable to boot Vista

I had hoped I would have a choice between XP and Vista when I switched the laptop on now but no luck.

XP is freshly loaded so I dont care what happens, I just want to get back to Vista.


Thanks and sorry for the rushed message

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:11 04 Sep 2008

Have you got a VISTA DVD?

  chub_tor 19:13 04 Sep 2008

Did you follow the procedure shown click here and click here

  Helen. 19:20 04 Sep 2008

You have over written the vista windows loader by putting on XP. You must reinstall Vista onto the C drive to give you a bootloader. This will allow you to pick between XP and Vista as it boots.

  Ozy 22:53 04 Sep 2008

if you want to dual boot

to dual boot xp and vista with vista installed first,install XP onto an empty partition,
when xp is installed it will only boot into XP,
put in vista disc,and click repair startup,
you can now only boot into Vista.
download EasyBCD and install it.
click Easy BCD on desk top click add,
type in window XP, clck ok.
on bootup watch the bios,you may have to click
F11,to select the system,(thats what i have to do)
otherwise it will boot straight into XP.
this will only work if your XP disc is a retail version and not an OEM,OEMs only work with one computer they are not transferable like retail

  Bob Bob™ 11:50 05 Sep 2008

Thanks for your responses.

I didnt follow any vids or guides mentioned here.
I got trigger happy and did it myself.

I did find the thing in "start up and recovery" in XP where I can input a choice of Operation systems. I did this

"[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(4)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium" /fastdetect

I added the Vista line myself and I know I have 4 partitions on disk 0 so I tried each one (excluding the XP partition 4) and it siad a file needed was missing, but for one partition it didnt give my any error but at the same time it didnt do anything.

With regards to a Vista CD.
I have a Toshiba recovery disk that they sent to me when the Vista self destructed with a interactive login failure.

Helen, if I installed XP on a seperate partition how could the installation have messed with any other partition despite the one I specified?

Thanks all

  PO79 11:59 05 Sep 2008

Download this click here it's free, and it will configure your bootloader to allow a choice of which system to boot into at boot up, or it will allow you to remove a parttion and revert to Vista. It will install to XP

  woodchip 12:03 05 Sep 2008

You can use a Dual Boot Manager you Boot either without reloading anything. I use Acronis OS Selector Part of the Acronis Disc Director Suit 10

  Bob Bob™ 12:41 05 Sep 2008


PO79, I used that program and I am currently typing this on Vista!

Now, Im a lil confused now how to set the laptop up now so that when I boot I get a choice between XP and Vista.

Thanks very much for your help, greatly appreciated.


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