Dual boot XP install problem

  cytometry 12:19 04 Jul 2005

My brother has bought an AMD Sempron 2.3Ghz ATX Asus m/board 256 Mb DDR RAM 40Gb HD and wanted to run DOS programs so I tried to create a dual boot. I printed out the details from TweakHomePC dual boot and repair instructions. Things did not go as they had detailed. e.g. Win98 startup disk, FDISK option showed partitions but would not delete as required. An MS-DOS6.22 startup disk did the trick. Other complications too, but no help to explain here. I now have the dual boot choices MS-DOS or WinXP install/upgrade to select from on startup. DOS works fine. Win XP install does not. 2nd partition has been formatted as NTFS and then I get "The following value in the .SIF used by setup is corrupt or missing: Value 0 on the line in section [SourceDisksFiles] with key "SP1.cab". Setup cannot continue. To quit setup, press F3" I have tried using my own Win XP disk but with the same result. If I selected the recovery console and viewed the contents of the drive I could see the files listed but nothing would make WinXP run. Having since reformatted the drive they are of course no longer there. To slow things down further, booting from the CD when trying to "install" it says "Cannot find the EULA" but if I boot from the six XP Setup Boot Disks downloaded from MSN I can see the "EULA".
Also can someone tell me how many times you can activate XP as I think I may have used up all the activations on one of the copies.

  lotvic 13:57 04 Jul 2005

I can be of no help with boot prob. but can tell you that there is NO limit to the number of times you can activate XP though if you have a lot of hardware changes you may get a message on screen to say that you have to contact microsoft for a new activation code. That is no prob. they just give you one over the phone.

You are only allowed one XP on one PC at a time.
EULA (End Users Licence Agreement)

  lotvic 14:01 04 Jul 2005

PS should have said that it doesn't affect installing XP just that it would stop working properly after 30 days if it has no activation code

  cytometry 22:31 04 Jul 2005

Thankyou lotvic, I now have a better understanding of what to expect.

  TTP 22:50 04 Jul 2005

I dont think XP is able to comply with MS-DOS..

  cytometry 07:57 05 Jul 2005

The instructions say to partition the disk using the first 2Gb for MS-DOS(which is all that MS-DOS can work up to) and make a separate partition to run XP. During the install process you have to load the CD again and then make a "repair" to XP to enable it to run. But, yes you are right, MS-DOS uses FAT and XP uses NTFS.

  keith-236785 09:54 05 Jul 2005

dos uses fat and will be unable to read the files on the ntfs partition, you could reduce the xp partition to 30gig and format as fat32, install winxp to that and then dos would be able to read the files.

you cannot change ntfs to fat32, the other way is possible (fat32 to ntfs) so to do this would mean a total format/re-install of xp. win xp would setup the dual boot option but im not sure if it would recognise dos as an operating system.

windows98se has dos built into it and would do anything that true dos would with the added advantage of having windows just a single command away (typing "win" in C: drive would start windows)

even win ME has a dos background and can run a command prompt dos environment though to what success i dont know as i never tried it.

  cytometry 19:12 05 Jul 2005

I may try that later. I found that XP will install with 2K, create a dual boot and run correctly. However, when I install the MS-DOS and try to install XP it gives the error message about SP1.cab. I have since got a copy of Partition Magic for evaluation and it is currently creating a new partition. I will update you on the outcome.

  octal 19:24 05 Jul 2005

Have you tried a DOS emulator? There is Dosbox click here I have the Linux version and it works OK but I prefer Dosemu but there isn't a Windows version. It depends on your DOS programs if they run or not.

  cytometry 13:51 17 Jul 2005

Evaluation copy of Partition Magic will only allow user to to carry out all preparatory steps, when you try to execute a window invites you to buy license. That has now been done and am now faced with booting problem which Partition Magic cannot resolve and advises getting Boot Magic. So I am now going to get another utility. I have never tried a DOS emulator and will try this route first.

  keith-236785 19:37 20 Jul 2005

Ranish partition manager is supposed to do everything partition manager can (but i have never used it so cant comment), but it is a free download click here

good luck.

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