Dual boot xp failed won't install Win 7

  Darklighter 11:41 06 Aug 2010

Hi All,

I have an Acer Aspire X3300, home premium 64bit win7.
Backed up I think to spare external network drive with acronis true home image 2010 (have source disk).

Tried to install a duel boot system with XP on drive D and Win 7 on C using Acronis Disk Director 11 OSS (have source disk) to run an old XP programme which failed under WIN 7. Turned on OSS, asked to reboot which I did however it said that mising hal.dll.
rebooted pc, now keeps trying to install xp, It says that a system configuration has occurred, and either select windows normally, select prior restore point, safemode, comand prompt and networking. Tried all these options but keeps looping back to this message and No option to install win 7.

Tried to run a win 7 recovery disk which I downloaed on the internet, but not sure I did correct, and now will not let me have access to bios / boot sequence which seems strange.


1) How do I solve this mess? I don't have win 7 Home Premium disks as came pre loaded on Acer.

2) If I purchase win 7 Ultimate full edition (allows progs to run in XP mode) and over this disk would this work?

3) any other solutions.

Thanks Nick.

  howard64 06:53 08 Aug 2010

your acer may have a hidden restore partition possibly on the d drive. If you use this it will set your pc back to how it was set up by acer and you will lose anything you have installed. If it is all backed up then look at your instructions for for a full restore.

  Chris_Byers 10:11 09 Aug 2010

What it looks like has hapened is the XP boot loader has overwritten the Win 7 boot loader, and as the XP loader does not\cannot recognise W7 it has effectively made it vanish. Acer should have a recovery partition on your HD (unless your partitionign tool has removed it!), and you may be fortunate enought to ba able to boot to it from a boot disk and start the recovery software from there if the partiton is still in place. You don't have to buy W7 Ultimate or Professional to get a virtual machine runnign on W7. Oracle (formerly Sun Microsystems) have a wonderful free virtualising package called VirtualBox which you can run in the same way as XP mode, and umnlike XP mode you can also run Linux and other operating systems easily. Download it for free from here: click here

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