Dual BOOT Win2K and WIn9x

  freakbrothers 17:59 08 Mar 2003


What is the easiest way for me to istall Win2000 and Win98 on the same PC, so during bootup I can choose which one to use.

Win2000 was created on Fat32, on the c-drive. Their is no use of NTFS as all.

We already have Win2000 on the PC with a lot of important software and documents. All we want to do is add WIn9x.

Any ideas?

  Taran 18:19 08 Mar 2003

The first thing to do is make sure you have safe copies of all of your "important software and documents" that are currently on your computer.

Installing a dual boot system is quite invasive to your current setup and there a several things that can go very wrong, so make sure you have a good backup before you even think about beginning.

For some interesting reading and walkthroughs of setting up dual boot systems, try the following links:

click here administration/management/mltiboot.asp

click here

click here

click here

If you do things properly all should be well and the potential problems you may encounter will be minimal through good preparation.

If you get stuck or have any problems, post again for further information.

  freakbrothers 18:19 08 Mar 2003



  Taran 18:24 08 Mar 2003

That first link didn't display properly - sorry about that.

Try this one: click here

  freakbrothers 18:28 08 Mar 2003

Thanks ,

really appreciated.
I will go and check them out now.
Will let you know about any problems that arise.


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