dual boot from two hard drives xp and 7

  gordon2210 13:51 02 Jul 2010

To begin with I will apologise as this is going to be a long message. (just to get all the details)
I recently bought a medion windows 7 computer from a third party (tescos) and as such I do not have a windows 7 disk.

Windows 7 worked perfectly but I wanted to create a dual boot system.(how hard could it be)lol

First I had no option but to disable my windows 7 hard drive and instal another. (As I didn't want to corrupt the w7 os) As I got xp pro installed I new it was going to be fun and games (installing drivers to take xp from ide channel to ahci without a floppy drive) So that both Os can run without going to bios everytime I wanted to change Os's

Finally managed to get both operating systems running in ahci and both Os's are running well.

My problem now is my bootloader(always something it seems) I have configured xp to read in bios as part 0 and W7 to run as part1.
If I swap these in bios both Os's run(but only the one that gets loaded first)
Both Os read the other hard drive and can move files back and forth (should I choose)

I also put xp as the first bootable drive so that if it all goes wrong I can reinstal xp as I dont have a W7 disk this seems like the most sensible thing to do.

Is there anyway I can alter or change xp's bootloader program (or something) and get xp to read the W7 disk at startup and finish creating my dual boot dual disk setup?
I am not very bright when it comes to working with reg file and the like so a step by step guide would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance and please help I don't know what to do.

  woodchip 15:06 02 Jul 2010

If you have loaded the OS on both drives you need a Boot Manager click here

  john bunyan 15:16 02 Jul 2010

I had dual boot XP and W7 for a few weeks. Ditched XP. Is it worth the bother - no, in my opinion! Do you have stuff that really nust have XP?

  gordon2210 15:33 02 Jul 2010

I have files that only work on xp so I will try the boot manager and let you know how I get on thanks woodchip

  Pine Man 15:44 02 Jul 2010

Most BIOSs have a built in boot manager by pressing F8 during boot up - well mine does anyway;-)

  gordon2210 18:26 02 Jul 2010

I used the boot manager and it corrupted my windows 7 files..Funny as it read xp partition no probs.
After using the recovery disk I got with the computer installing w7 with all drives running and it sorted itself out..
I could have used f8 at startup but with 3 hard drives, card drives ect this got confusing especially as I was moving drives around.
Seems that if anyone else is planning a dual boot system with W7 they will have to instal older OS's first.
Thank you all for your help.

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