Dual Boot System (WinXP & Win 2000)

  zarobian 18:31 07 May 2005

My friend has a dual boot system. WinXP Pro and Win2000 pro. He is using tiscali Broadbad. He can get conected through WinXP but cannot connect to BB when booted to Win 2000. He is quite a switched on person but struggling here!!!
I have, persoally no experience in this field.

Any idea you wise folks.

  dave_and_confused 18:33 07 May 2005

Has he reinstalled BB under Windows 2000?

Error messages?

  zarobian 18:59 07 May 2005

I am sure not. I shall ask him a question when he comes home from work. From your respose I gether that he needs to install BB on both OS!!! I have to add here that he has a single HD with two partions on it. WinXP and Win2000. BB was installed on WinXP.

If I have incorrectly understood then please clreafy. Thank you so very much for your quick response.


  dave_and_confused 10:35 08 May 2005

Yes you need to install BB under both OS's the same with any program or hardware he sets up. Dual booting allows 2 OS's to exist on a PC but they will behave like two seperate PCs - just because you install something under XP it won't be installed under 2000.

Besides they most likely use different driver versions....

  zarobian 18:05 08 May 2005

Thank you very much for the info. I thought so too. The guy is on a Grave Yard shift and have not yet seen him. Will post back as soon as I get access to his computer. I have also emailed him your suggestions. Thanks again.

  zarobian 19:00 09 May 2005

Installed the BB software as suggested and it worked ok. Many thanks for your help.


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