dual boot stuck in win98!

  jake williamson 13:18 26 Feb 2004

hey out there,

hmm. i've just partitioned our test pc's hard drive into two partitions.

i've managed to install win2000 onto the c drive (i did this first) and win98 onto the d drive.

now the machine boots into win98 everytime and gives me no option to boot into win200!!

how do i choose the start up disk/system??

any suggestions would be grand,



  Astrix 13:40 26 Feb 2004

Try this click here;en-us;311578&Product=win2000

  zanwalk 14:22 26 Feb 2004

Are you sure W2K is still there and that W98 isn't installed over W2K? Normally, the correct procedure is to install the oldest OS first i.e. W98, and then load W2K which should pick up on the W98 installation and offer to upgrade, say no to that and do a custom installation to the partition that you wish.

  jake williamson 14:26 26 Feb 2004

hi, thanks for that - it seems to be what i'm after but deals with the machine being in win2000 (i'm stuck in win98 at the moment).

i've changed my boot.ini in the c: drive to read:

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT="Windows 2000 Pro" /fastdetect
multi(0)disk(1)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINNT="Windows 98" /fastdetect

but i still boot into wind98...

would this have something to do with my install sequence? i basically put the win2000 cd in, booted from it, partitioned the drive, formatted as fat32, installed win2000, then booted from the 98 disk which said i already had a os istalled. i ingnored this and selected d:\windows as the directory to load win98 in.

would this have confussed things? should i have done 98 first?

any suggestions would be grand,



  jake williamson 14:28 26 Feb 2004

i think your right; even though i said to install win98 on the 2nd partition, it's done it over the top of the win2000 on the 1st partition.

what would be best - start again or try installing win2000 again?



  zanwalk 15:04 26 Feb 2004

Try installing W2K now (with W98 already present) and as I said above go with a custom installation NOT an upgrade and you will be asked if you wish to install to C, say no to that and specify the drive letter to install to.

It is pretty straightforward, once you have persuaded it not to upgrade W98.

  woodchip 15:17 26 Feb 2004

Start from scratch and put 98 first

  jake williamson 15:43 26 Feb 2004

hmm, something really has gone wrong now!

tried installing w2k (with win98 present), managed to get it not to upgrade and it all went on.

the machine can now boot into w2k and i do get a boot menu at startup. however, when i select win98 the who thing looks for various .sys files and grinds to a hault!

so i'm gonna start again. would this be the best sequence:

1 - partition the drive (can i do this from the win98 cd? i cant use a floppy as this pc doesnt have one... if not, can i boot into dos and delete everything?)

2 - install win98 on the c: drive.

3 - put the w2k disk in, decline the offer of upgrading and select the d: drive for the instalation.

hows that sound?



  woodchip 18:18 26 Feb 2004

yes use 98 floppy start disc You can creat one in Add Remove or download click here put floppy in drive and double click download

  Diodorus Siculus 18:30 26 Feb 2004

jake williamson - my suggestion would be that you format and partition your hdd into at least 3.

Install Win98 onto C drive.

Install win2k onto D drive.

Use E drive to share my docs etc.

  jake williamson 10:24 10 Mar 2004

all was cool in the end.

followed the suggestion of partioning the drive using my win2k disk, then installing win98 on the c:, then win2k on the d:

i agree with Diodorus suggestion of the three partitions and using the e as the shared drive for documents ect. however, this machine only has a 6gig drive and we're putting a 2nd drive in that will be the main drive for the work.

so all good!

thanks for the help,


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