Dual boot to single boot

  Nessie 19:35 22 Oct 2003

I have a dual boot xp pro and win 98 each on a seperate hd. Know I have the xp instalation working well I want to wipe win 98 and then use as storage. If I do this what will happen at start up re the dual boot as Win 98 hd is master and xp is on slave. Is it as easy as swopping them round and what happens to the win 98/win xp pro selection at start up. Cheers

  spikeychris 19:55 22 Oct 2003

In XP go to c:\boot.ini
its a hidden file so go to folder options and choose show all files. Delete all references to Win98 and reboot.

Make a bacup of the boot.ini fie first.

  Nessie 20:30 22 Oct 2003

Have has a look as suggested and can find nothing it on C:(win 98) or D:(xp). Boot back up on d but no file boot.ini

  Nessie 20:30 22 Oct 2003

sorry can should be can not

  woodchip 20:37 22 Oct 2003

If you upgraded from 98 I would be careful as I think XP put's some files in the 98 folder. You may remove it and XP stops working

  Nessie 20:47 22 Oct 2003

xp was clean install on 2nd slave hd

  zanwalk 20:52 22 Oct 2003

Which HD is it set to boot from in the BIOS? I'm guessing that it's your 98 one, in which case the MBR is on that one and if you swap them round then you will not be able to boot anything.

What I would be inclined to do would be to disconnect the 98 disk temporarily, set the other one to 'single or master' on the jumper, and boot from the XP CD, then enter the 'Recovery Console' and use the 'fixmbr' command to write a new mbr on to the HD.

Then reboot without the CD, to check that it now boots ok. Reconnect the 98 HD as slave and reboot again. You should then be able to format the 98 disk from within Windows XP.

  spikeychris 21:52 22 Oct 2003

raybrn, don't quite understand your post. the Boot.ini file controls what is being booted. Nessie, you defiantly have a boot.ini file, did you select hidden files and folders?

Go to Control Panel, System, Advanced, Startup and Recovery. Click the Edit
button in System startup. This will open BOOT.INI in Notepad, you can edit from there.

  GaryH 22:03 22 Oct 2003

The definitive guide to on this very subject is in PC answer this month. Sorry Advisor! Boot into XP select start, control panel and double click the system icon. click advanced tab and then settings that appears under the startup and recovery section, press the edit button. This will bring up boot.ini file in the notepad fpr editing. Change timeout=0 and delete the entry for 98. save the changes and you will have one boot - XP. Then delete C:\windows directory on your C drive if that is where you loaded 98.


  zanwalk 22:06 22 Oct 2003

You are quite right about the Boot.ini file I believe, however, the MBR always resides in the first sector of the first partition of the disk that the BIOS is set to boot from. Therefore, I would have thought that the Boot.ini file was there, although I could be wrong on this.

  temp003 09:24 23 Oct 2003

I assume your dual boot created by the XP installation automatically? That is, without using third party software (such as Bootmagic).

If so, all the boot files are on C. In 98's Explorer or My Computer, click View, Options (or Folder Options), View, and for Hidden Files, select Show All Files, and untick Hide file extensions. In XP, click Tools, Folder Options, View tab, tick show hidden files and folders, untick Hide file extensions, and untick Hide protected operating system files.

You should then see, under C, the files ntldr, ntdetect.com, boot.ini and bootsect.dos (the last file is for booting into 98 in a dual boot with XP).

If you format C, you will lose the boot files and won't be able to boot into XP.

You could simply delete all the folders under C (after backing up any data files or folders you need to keep). Then edit boot.ini to remove the reference to 98.

To edit boot.ini, just double click the file, which opens with Notepad, and under the section [operating systems], just delete the line that says C:\="Microsoft Windows 98". Save and exit.

This way, you must not swap the master/slave configuration, and the computer will still be booting from the current master. Not ideal, but simple.

To be safe, back up your boot files first. Boot into XP. Insert a floppy. Right click Drive A and select Format (You must take this step in XP, and even with a brand new floppy). On the next screen, do not select any of the options, just click Start. After formatting, copy the 4 files from C to the floppy. Remove floppy.

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