Dual Boot Menu Restoration

  Taylor44 16:29 09 May 2003

Running W98 on my primary "C" drive and Windows X/P on my second hard drive.While resizing my "C" drive with Partition Magic and while the system was in DOS and only 28% complete,we had o powerout and the system restarted prior to completion of resize operation.The boot record is corrupt as I cannot access C DRIVE to restart 98.I,M lucky that the dual boot option is still unaffected and I can access my X/P partition.If I reformat to reinstall 98,is there an easy way to restore the X/P boot option menu without a full install of X/P.I,ve heard that if you start the X/P install and interrupt it before completion of installation you can restore the boot menu option.At what point do you stop the install if this is a viable option? Any advice much appreciated!!

  temp003 16:31 09 May 2003
  temp003 16:51 09 May 2003

Just one more thing. You can't boot into 98 now, but from XP, can you read the C drive at all? If you can, back up the files ntldr, ntdetect.com, boot.ini and bootsect.dos on to a floppy.

Insert a floppy. Right click A drive and select Format. On the next small window, just click Start and do not tick any of the options. You must take this step even with a new floppy.

After formatting, copy the 4 files from the C drive to the floppy. If anything goes wrong with the reinstallation of 98, you can use this floppy to start the computer, and select XP from the menu.

If the problem caused by the aborted resizing operation has something to do with a corrupt partition table, a reformatting may not cure it.
But try it first and install 98. Then if you can boot into 98, do a partial reinstallation of XP to restore the dual boot.

Alternatively, after 98 is successfully installed, put the 4 backed up files (if you can access them now) back to the C drive. Then restart computer with XP CD, and go into Recovery Console. At the D:\WINDOWS> prompt, type fixboot and press Enter. This will cause the computer to look for the XP boot loader instead of the 98 boot files.

  Taylor44 17:11 09 May 2003

Can't read "c" from X/P but will try your solution as soon as I can.Thanks for your consideration
Regards .Ed

  temp003 19:11 09 May 2003

While you can still access XP, I suggest you back up what important data there is from D drive first.

I also suggest you create the boot floppy for XP before attempting to rescue the C partition.

You can still do this without accessing the C drive.

Format a floppy in XP as per my last post. Then insert XP CD. Then select Perform Other Tasks from the list, then Browse CD. Double click the i386 folder, and find the files ntldr and ntdetect.com

Copy the two files to the floppy.

Then open Notepad and type out the text for the boot.ini file in the other thread (click the link in my first post). It is the same wording - as long as your XP partition is the second partition.

You can try to double check the wording for boot.ini by clicking Start, Run, and type msconfig, press Enter. Select the boot.ini tab. Normally the wording is shown. However, in your case, XP may not be able to show it, since the boot.ini file is on the C drive.

After typing out the text in Notepad, save the file as boot.ini on to the floppy.

The three files on the floppy should get you to boot into XP, even after the C drive has been formatted.

If you manage to access C drive again after all the repair, and need to edit the new boot.ini file on C, you can simply copy the boot.ini file from this floppy to C.

Just in case the reformatting of C does not work, you may have to either fix the Master Boot Record or delete the C partition and re-create it. But I would do that only after you've backed up data from XP.

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