the-george 21:59 27 Mar 2008

I want to try running a dual boot system with win ME and 2k.

Would a dual boot manager make the task any easier?

Any free ones that available - do not want to pay a lot as i might not like having a dual boot system.

Would it be better to have each of the systems on a separate hd drive?

I am presuming that each os would need its own drivers and own copies of software.

  MAJ 22:16 27 Mar 2008

It's been a while, but I think W2K has it's own boot manager. Install ME first.

  MAJ 22:21 27 Mar 2008

Remember too, that the W2k partition/drive will have to be formatted as FAT32 in order that ME will be able to 'see' it.

  the-george 11:24 29 Mar 2008

Yes, have read up about FAT/NTFS.

Not sure aboutW2K having own boot manager - there will be an option on boot up to choose which to use but changing will involve shutting down and restarting(?). Did find a program called bootswitcher here
click here
It says it will switch o/s on the fly but have not tried it yet.

I expect that each o/s will have to have its own set of drivers installed. I also imagine this will apply to any software applications.

Can someone verify this.Any other info would be welcome.

  MAJ 11:38 29 Mar 2008

I'm not sure about "boot switcher", the-george, I've never tried it myself. Yes you will need the proper respective drivers installed for your hardware on each partition/drive. Most software applications will run on either ME, W2K, but again, you will need an installation on each partition/drive.

  stylehurst 13:23 29 Mar 2008

Acronis Disk Director comes with its own Boot Manager program, have a look at the Acronis site to get all the info. The program is worth while even if you don't use the Boot Manager.

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