Dual boot Linux suse with XP

  Legolas 18:58 30 Jan 2007

I tried installing PCLinuxOS on my laptop but it doesn't support my network card at least not without a lot of bother and some technology which is a bit beyond me being completely new to Linux. I discovered that Linux suse 10.2 supports my card and d/l the ISO. My question is how easy is it to set Linux suse 10.2 to dual boot with XP?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:15 30 Jan 2007

Suse Linux has a very good installation routine which will partition your hard disk and install a boot loader; well worth looking at.

Just be sure to have a backup in place, just in case.

  sean-278262 19:17 30 Jan 2007

I agree on the addition of a back up. I had to as I ended up messing up and found it easier to start with 2 fresh installs. Made life easier but Suse and most GUI linux versions are easy to install.

  Legolas 21:07 30 Jan 2007

Thanks guys I will give it a go tomorrow too late tonight

  dms05 21:30 30 Jan 2007

Pity your laptop has an unusual LAN because once you have PCLinuxOS installed it runs really well. However I'm sure SuSE will be good as well. Both would install dual booting on installation, if you chose that option when offered.

  Legolas 21:46 30 Jan 2007

dms05 i did like the look of PCLinux but it was too complicated to set up the my Intel PRO Wireless connection especially as I am new to Linux, talk of kernals and such was too much for me.

  vinnyT 05:24 31 Jan 2007

You could always try the 'live' version of 10.2 at click here

  dms05 07:52 31 Jan 2007

Sorry, didn't know you meant a WiFi LAN. Have you tried the PCLinuxOS LiveCD? If your WiFi runs whilst using that then it will when you install the full version (from a Desktop shortcut whilst running the LiveCD). Incidentally all the Intel Pro Wireless configuration is done whilst in Windows - you simply point the Linux *ndiwrapper* at the Windows Driver for the card. That's offered when you run 'Configure WiFi' from the PCLinuxOS Control Centre. Very easy to use. PCLinuxOS will send you to a Wiki page to find the exact driver you need. I had to do that for a Broadcom mini-pci card in a Toshiba but interestingly not for another Broadcom mini-pci card in my newer Acer laptop.

  Legolas 12:46 31 Jan 2007

dms05 I an a complete novice with Linux I tried the ndiwrapper way but got nowhere. vinnyT I will d/l the Live DVD version tonight and give it a go. This is all a learning curve for me so I will probably be back. With Linux being open source there are so many distros that it can be hard to find a definitive guide to the particular flavour of Linux you are using.

  Legolas 12:26 02 Feb 2007

Ok I downloaded the GOLIVE version as mentioned by vinnyT, it still will not let me connect to the internet it appears to find the network card ok but no connection any thoughts anyone?

  vinnyT 11:53 03 Feb 2007

Can't remember if the firewall is on by default, but even if not, you will get better (probably) at the suse forums click here.

Hope this helps.

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