Dual Boot Help Needed

  Eargasm 11:26 01 Jun 2008

Hi All
My brother has just bought a HP Pavillion a6325.uk
computer running Vista Home Premium 32 bit. Some of his software that ran fine on XP Pro (Cimatron 7, Solidworks 8, and Depocam v6 ) will not run with Vista.
We partioned the 500gb hard drive ( it was quite easy with vista)and tried to install XP Pro on one of the partitions, the installation stopped with various errors and we feel some of the hardware needs XP Drivers, but we are not sure which. HP support offers no solutions on dual booting and wondered if anyone had any ideas?
The spec of the computer can be found here..
click here

  Quiller. 11:42 01 Jun 2008

I was lucky as my machine came with an oem version of vista.

I had to delete the massive "C" drive and run a third party software ( killdisk )to totally wipe the "C" drive.

I then ran the XP software to create the first operating system. I partitioned the "C" drive as it installed XP. I then loaded the drivers for XP which I had previously download from the HP/Compaq site.

I then booted from cdrom and then loaded Vista on the other partition. Then loaded the drivers.

It now gives me the option to boot into an older version of windows (XP) or to boot into Vista.

You can pick which one you want as your default O\S.

  Eargasm 22:49 01 Jun 2008

We have managed to download chipset drivers and nvidia drivers for XP, but the main problem seems to be getting XP to recognise the SATA hard drive, after extensive googling, one of our options is to disable AHCI in the bios and try "Native sata ide emulation mode" i will give it a go tommorrow and see what happens.

  woodchip 23:19 01 Jun 2008

Some stuff hear for your Comp and XP.

The Computer is the 6300 Batch click here

  woodchip 23:23 01 Jun 2008

You would be better fitting another drive as I did in my 98se comp to load XP home on it. I removed the 98se drive while I loaded XP on the new Drive then I Used Acronis Disc Director Suite 10 OS selector to Dual boot them after refitting the 98se drive

  Eargasm 23:47 01 Jun 2008

Hi and thanks woody, we have removed the 500gb hard drive with vista on, and installed a new 320 gb sata hard drive and tried installing XP on that but still no joy. Will try again tomorrow.

  woodchip 17:17 02 Jun 2008

It should install by booting with the XP CD in the drive. It will not work if the CD is a OEM that belongs to another computer. I had to buy a new XP CD these can be had from click here

Cheaper than I payed

  Eargasm 19:34 02 Jun 2008

Ok we are sorted ( sort of) we have not managed to create a dual boot, but we have managed to install XP Pro on the new 320gb hard drive by changing a bios setting from raid to ide.

  woodchip 23:25 02 Jun 2008

You now need to refit the other drive and Use either what I use, Acronis Disc Director Suite 10 with Acronis Selector. or have a look hear. click here

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